How to use location tracker to protect kids offline

This is the most reliable screen time parental lock app system. It has features like kid’s screen time limiting and location tracking. It also helps the parents in website filtering and the games being blocked. If the app dictates any suspicious photos or suspicious text on any of the social media apps then it will give you a notification. You can easily keep your family devices linked with it to keep them safe.

In this digital age, everyone wants to take their child to every good facility they could provide. The growing kids and teenagers do not understand the meaning of good or bad about themselves, therefore, to cultivate healthy digital habits in them FamiSafe parental control app screen lock and location tracker app is available on the Apple store, Google Play, and Amazon. this app also provides you with a free GPS tracker and mobile location tracker which could help you to track the exact and live location of the cell phone.

The necessity for a parental control app

No one is more notorious than kids. Kids like to stay up all night for online chatting and playing games. This could lead to poor vision of their eyesight. If such an activity is noticed by the parental control app then this activity would be reported on your account instantly. 

Kids can be easily exposed to some of the illegal sites which may attract your child and change its behavior naturally. This could be from the social media apps they’ve been using. If any kind of such 

activity is found in your kid’s cell phone then you instantly get an alert notification from the FamiSafe screen time and phone tracking apps location tracker feature.

Kids good always remain, kid, until they’re grown up. Sometimes they could secretly bunk the school skip the classes without getting your permission. This could be brought them to more dangerous places than ever expected. This app keeps your child’s location tracker on and you could easily trace the live location of your child with the path he or she followed.

Features provided by FamiSafe parental control app

Screen schedule

You could trace the time your kids spend online. Do you know tickets spend a lot of time online chatting, this creates a safe zone around them. This leads to growing up healthy digital habits in them. This also helps in getting the remote screen schedule from day to day and weekly data usages.

App and game blocker

You can block the cell phone of your child from the apps and the games you don’t want him or her to be a part of.

You can block inappropriate or restrict specific apps. If your kid wants to install or open those kinds of apps you will get notified with an instant alert.

Location tracker and GPS phone tracker

You can check your child’s location history and live location. Since kids are very naughty, they can go here and there because they do not understand the concept of the safe zone. 

You can also place Geo spaces for your child to set his or her boundaries. If they try to cross the boundaries of the space decided by you then you will be get notified instantly.

Phone activity

This app helps you to get all the details of your child’s phone activity and track them too. 

This app also gives information about the apps installed or uninstalled during a certain period. 

Website filtering and browsing history

This feature helps you in tracking and filtering the websites which provide your child to Stay away from these kinds of websites.

It also tracks the browsing history of your child.

FamiSafe secure and trustworthy 

This app provides This app provide you the most flexible subscription method and effective customer calling support. It has a flexible pricing plan to fulfill all your diversified needs. Its customer care system gives feedback within 24 business hours.

It warns on the parental app system About the cyberbullying and harassment techniques being violated on your child’s phone or tablet. Time management is so important and therefore it needs to be managed by keeping every member of your family happy. Children are happy with their phones and tablets but this cannot be safe all the time.

This app protects your kid from every problem like lost in a fare or city market or the mall etc by location services provided by it. They give you the total activity report of the kid’s daily activity and let you know about the apps newly installed on their devices. Daily data app usage is also determined by this app.

Kids born in this Internet generation have unimaginable opportunities and dreams in their minds so you cannot keep them away from the Internet. This app helps you to control the app blocker system, YouTube content detection, and web content blocking and filtering.



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