Four Things Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

Those who own rental properties always want high-quality tenants that pay their rent dependably. Meanwhile, renters are looking for clean, updated, and well-maintained property that provides the features they desire. Thousand Oaks, CA property management involves keeping properties in prime condition to make them marketable and attractive to prospects. If you are a property owner, you can depend on property management in Charlotte NC to rent out your property.. A good property manager knows exactly what tenants are looking for in a rental property, including the following:


Often, tenants look for a property near their workplaces, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and open spaces like parks. In general, people want to stay in a place that suits their lifestyle. They want a location that is secure and safe. The most desirable location has a low crime rate because people don’t want to be mugged or worrying about the possibility of their car being broken into. 


Once a person finds a suitable location, they may have a budget in mind and base their research on what they can afford. People will want to get the most for their money and look for a property that fits their needs. For you, this means setting your rent price at a competitive rate. Think about how your property’s features stack up against others in the immediate area or on the same street. 

Attractive Features

Tenants usually look for certain features in a rental property and base their decisions on them. These include a well-designed kitchen and bath, stainless steel appliances, lots of storage space, a clean and comfortable interior, a parking space, and more. Investing in these features will increase the chance of getting happy tenants. 


No one wants to drive around for hours searching for a parking space, particularly when they have a lot of stuff to unload from their vehicles. Properties in a suburban area may have lots of parking available on the street. But, parking may be an important consideration for those in an urban environment. Property owners who cannot provide off-street parking must try to direct their tenants to a parking garage within a few blocks of their property.  


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