Green Gift Ideas for the Students

To maintain harmony with nature, there is a need to inculcate ‘sustainable development’ among youngsters. A great way to do this is by sharing plant-based gifts that are eco-friendly. It can either be a houseplant or wooden slab vase that can simultaneously work to brighten up your surrounding environment.

You can check out some interesting green gift ideas for the students who can utilize them for enhancing their home and lifestyle.

Plant-Holding Paper Lanterns

This is a simple yet elegant way to upgrade your home garden arrangement by putting up paper lantern plant hangers. Students can learn the art of managing silk flowers in these eco-friendly pots to decorate their porch or balcony. Do not stick to just one color but gift different colored paper lanterns to young ones.

Terrarium Candles

These candles feature amazingly realistic cute little succulents that emit a soothing scent upon burning. Such an item is a delightful gift for any plant lover, especially the young crowd. You can check out several online websites that offer terrarium candles available in different designs. The most common being a poppy flower candle with a sweet scent of vanilla and pine. Each of these candles can be placed in the living room or bedroom to refresh the surrounding with a positive aroma.

Inked Glass Jars

Students love unique concepts when it comes to DIY gifts. You can make good use of recycled glass and alcohol ink to create a beautiful vase in different color combinations. The best way to use this quirky glass vase is by putting a fresh bunch of flowers and placing it on the dining table or side table.


Rustic Wooden Planters

A wooden planter can prove very useful in managing a base to grow houseplants and vegetables. They utilize less space and therefore are a great addition to a balcony or terrace garden. Students can use these wooden planters to start their lessons on home gardening. Try gifting rustic, colored wooden planters that are attractive and will be appreciated by kids of all ages.

Gardening Kit 

There is nothing better than gifting a gardening kit to a student who is inclined towards Mother Nature. Having the necessary tools and guidance on home gardening, young ones can manage their own set of succulents, bamboo plant and flowering plants. Make sure the gardening kit you select contains a wooden trowel, fork, and rake. You can also add other garden supplies to upgrade the gift.

Sand Terrariums for Air Plants

It is better to make students learn the importance of different houseplants and their associated benefits. Having air plants at home can help to purify the air in your living room or bedroom. These plants photosynthesize at night; hence, while you sleep, they release fresh oxygen for you to breathe. You can present small terrariums with colored sand and air plants as a gift to growing kids. They can use essential oils to create the fragrance in terrariums. The exquisiteness of this gift and artsy appearance will surely brighten up the receiver. You can swap different air plants for these sand terrariums that can work as a natural decoration for a house.


The green gift ideas mentioned above are thoughtful and fit perfectly for students who are in love with plant-based items. It is not necessarily about planters but a mix of an artistic approach to make home gardening a fun activity for young ones. You can find most of these products online via DIY stores. You can also get bonsai plants online. Also, you can connect with local artists who specialize in eco-friendly gifts for students. Make sure you do not offer sharp tools or objects that are not safe to handle.