The end-of-lease cleaning guide for renters

For several, the end-of-lease clean means ultimately confronting the monstrous clouds of dust and horrifying mold patches they’ve been denying exist for the past year. But one should see this process even further:

  • Prepare ahead of time.

Cleaning your entire rental property in one foul swoop is a recipe for catastrophe, just as packing all of your studying into the night before a test leads to subpar results. Good habits always give you positive results. And the good thing is that you don’t have to burn the midnight oil every day to make sure your property is in good enough shape to get your bond back.

According to the professionals engaged in end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, renters may not need to hire a professional cleaner when they move out if they do ten minutes of maintenance when they get home from work. Maintain a regular schedule and commit to cleaning for ten minutes every day at the same time.

  • Cleaning Room by room

Cleaning regularly during your tenancy will help to streamline your end-of-lease clean. But even then, you’ll have to put in some effort before you move out. Cleaning one room at a time is recommended by experts to minimize the risk of feeling overwhelmed by the job at hand.

  • Make an effort to be exhaustive.

Cleaning the walls and floors is a fine idea, but you’ll need to do a lot more to get your bond back. Pay special attention to kitchen appliances and other areas that aren’t cleaned weekly or biweekly. Outside, don’t forget to sweep and mop. “Get rid of dust as much as possible in all areas, particularly inside cabinets and skirting boards,” says the expert. If you clean the outside windows, you’ll save a lot of money compared to hiring experts because cleaning the outside is pricey.

  • Rearrange the furniture

Returning your rental property in the same state as when you first moved in is the ideal route to get your bond back. As a result, you’ll have to clean under your refrigerator, bed, and couch.

  • Keep your rental property clean from the outside.
  • Sweep and clean your garage. Is it necessary to de-grease your floor? Remove any remaining cobwebs and use an insecticide to spray the outdoor area.
  • Clear all weeds, trim back your bushes, mow the lawns, and apply weed killer to the area (if necessary). Do you need to replace any plants that have died?
  • Stay updated out for cigarette butts and bottle tops left around the garden, and delete them before you go if you have any leftover trash.
  • Scrub your driveway, paying particular attention to any oil spills or tyre marks left by your car.
  • Keep your rental property clean on the inside
  1. Light fittings should be removed and cleaned, then dried and replaced. Check to see if your light globes are in good working order. Any globes that have blown out should be replaced.
  2. Take a look at your drapes and blinds. Is there any dirt, dust, or marks that you can see? It’s a good thing to clean Venetian blinds slat by slat if you have them. Some curtains may be machine washable. If not, vacuuming may assist in the removal of any remaining dust and dirt.
  3. Clean your air conditioner and ceiling vents if you have them along with internal filters). The same can be said for your smoke alarms.
  4. Check the exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet, then wash and replace them.
  5. Do your ceilings have any fly or inspection spots? In a bucket of damp water, sponge with sugar soap or a mild detergent. (However, test a small area first to ensure your paint doesn’t come off).
  • Clean your Windows
  1. Clear all the cobwebs outside the home with a cobweb remover.
  2. Examine your window tracks and clean them of dirt and build-up by running a screwdriver along with them gently to release any dirt. Vacuum the area with the narrowest nozzle you have, then wipe it down with a wet rag.
  3. Put a screwdriver under the fly screen, hold it up, and slide it left or right before pulling it out and deleting it. Do not put too much pressure on your screens because they can easily bend. If possible, hose down the fly screen.


Your carpets should professionally clean. Do a walk-through with this checklist once it’s finished to ensure your property is in proper handover condition to prevent any tenancy conflicts with your rental bonds.

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