Why We Love Vidalista 20?

If you survey a group of people asking them what does a healthy man means to them? The majority of people will answer that having six-packs of abs isa sign of prosperous health.Only a few of them will consider talking about mental health.

This shows our negligence towards our mental health caused due to an ignorance of any psychologicalailment. This is the same reason why people suffering from depression, anxiety, and isolation are considered mads people in our society.

Psychiatrists are treated in a degrading way and consider it a profession of no use. But with time our negligence has cost us many disorders.Our sexual health is determined by our overall health which includes both physical and mental.

Nowadays a majority of men are consuming Vidalista 20 andFildena for improvement for improved sexual performance.In this article, we shall dig deeper into the facts about the effect of degrading mental health on our sexual health.

Why a person becomes an Erectile Dysfunction patient?

To get the answer to this question we must first understand the reasons why a person suffers from Erectile Dysfunction.

The biological process in a normal person and an ED patient is vastly different. You can differentiate by observing the daily activities of a normal person and an ED person.

In normal situations when a person gets sexually stimulated or activated by any means. The body starts producing nitric oxide (NO).Nitric oxide facilitates the secretion of an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). This cGMP is the main enzyme responsible for the erection of your penis.

cGMP makes the walls of the blood vessels of the penis smooth. Which helps in the expansion of the blood vessels so that they can hold the blood flow into it. Now the blood rushes into the penis making it hard and erect.

Now come to the abnormal conditions of Erectile Dysfunction. Here, when your body gets sexually activated the Nitric Oxide production is quite less. This creates a chain of deficiency. The cGMP is also secreted in fewer amounts, which further results in tightening of the erectile tissues.

Hence, when the blood flows into the penile region it cannot enter the blood vessels of the penis as they are not expanded. This results in no erection of the penis or even if an erection happensit doesn’t last long.

What role does counter ED pills play in curing it?

To overcome this, men take the help of counter ED pills like Cenforce 200,Vidalista 20, and Fildena to make their penis erect.These pillsincrease the secretion of cGMP in the body. Which makes the erectile tissues relaxed. Thus, maintaining the normal process of erection.

But you may ask how will the erection be maintained for a long period? These pills are a member of the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) group. PDE5 makes sure that the penis loses its erection after sexual intercourse by decomposing cGMP. Cenforce, Vidalista 20, and Fildena restrict the functioning of PDE5.

So, it gives a clear passage to cGMP to flourish without any hindrance.

How does our mental health determineour sexual health?

One of the most reasons that cause Erectile Dysfunction is disturbed mental health. When one is mentally disturbed the dopamine levels in the body arereduced. Dopamine is the chemical in the brain which determines your overall mood of the day.

Whether you will be jovial, ecstatic or melancholic, or depressed everything is dependent on dopamine. This is one of the reasons why most of the patients with depression, anxietyare also patients of Erectile Dysfunction.

You must have observed it yourself that when you are in a low mood you do not get the sex drive.

Reasons for deteriorating mental health

In today’s world,various reasons can lead todegrading mental health. And the current environment of society pushes a man into depression. Earlier our forefathers never heard of depression. There was a reason for this. Earlier people used to communicate face to face and spend the most time talking.

But now with the advent of technology the face-to-facecommunication has been reduced to Facebook.People are busy all-time on their phones, tablets, and desktop. The world seems much smaller and closer than before. Now you can send a message anywhere in the world to anyone.

Solutions to mental stress

Most of the time mental stress is ignored by us. We give more importance to physical health. As soon as our belly increases by one inch extra, we join the gym. But when we feel low or depressed no one gives a damn. There are some solutions which one could do to make him or her feel relieved of stress.

Yoga–Originated in India but currently practiced across different countries in the world, yoga is a stress buster.Yoga has been scientifically proved to be fruitful in reducing stress levels.

Along with stress, doing yoga regularly improves your blood circulation. Which facilitates the easier circulation of the blood. So, that every part of the body gets an adequate amount of blood. Hence, indirectly yoga also proves to be helpful in Erectile Dysfunction.

Music–Listening to pleasant and melodious music is effective in relieving persons from stress. A very famous proverb is that the kind of music a person listens to shows his/her mental condition.

This was the reason why to reduce suicide attempts government played melodious music in metro stations.

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