How to Design an easy-to-clean Kitchen

One of the most important rooms of your home design is the kitchen. It is the busiest room in the house and hence, gets dirty very easily. Also, stains, crumbs, dust, dirt, smoke, accidental spills, grease, and splatters make it really difficult to clean the kitchen. This is why experts recommend opting for a modular kitchen design that can be maintained and cleaned easily. Mentioned below are a few ways to design an easy-to-clean kitchen design:

1 ) Do not install lighting fixtures near the stove

Experts always recommend installing lighting fixtures away from the stove. This is because grease and grime are produced during cooking and if any lighting fixture is installed near that area, it will start collecting that grease and grime on the surface. If you need to install lights near the stove, always opt for recessed can lights. Also, you can consider lights integrated into your exhaust hood. If you want to install lighting fixtures like pendant lights or sconces, you can do so a few feet away from the stove, near the kitchen island or above the sink. ​

2 ) Install cabinets all the way to the ceiling

The top of the kitchen cabinets allows dust and dirt to accumulate. To prevent this from happening, you can take the kitchen cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. As a result, you do not have to wipe the cabinet tops clean to prevent dust from accumulating. Another way to prevent dust accumulation on cabinet tops is to design your modular kitchen without any upper cabinets. This is only possible if you already have enough storage options in your kitchen as you will end up losing a lot of storage space. However, it will give your kitchen an airy and open feeling.

3 )Undermount sinks are a better option ​

You should always consider installing an undermount sink if you want an easy-to-clean kitchen design. An undermount sink allows wiping spills and crumbs easily into the sink without letting any mess get caught on the trim of the edge. With a drop-in sink, it will not be the same.

4 ) Keep a dustbin near the sink

It is always recommended to keep a trash bin near the dishwasher and sink inside a cabinet. Keeping it so close helps you to throw away the messes conveniently before cleaning the dishes. Also, avoid placing the dustbin just underneath the sink. This makes the place more functional as one person can now scrape and stack the dishes while another person can rinse the dishes in the sink. According to experts, the ideal setup is positioning the dishwasher first, then the sink, and then the dustbin. ​

5 ) Place more than one dustbin if required:

There is no written rule that a kitchen can have only one dustbin. You can place more than one dustbin in the kitchen according to your convenience if necessary. Either near the fridge or by the stove, place a dustbin anywhere you might need to dispose of trash.  Adding more dustbins will help to ensure that the kitchen does not get dirty and stays clean always.

6 ) Choose appliances that can be cleaned easily

To ensure that the kitchen is easy to clean and maintain, you need to choose appliances that are easy to clean and maintain. For starters, if you are buying stainless steel appliances, always opt for fingerprint-resistant stainless steel appliances or non-stainless steel easy-to-wipe appliances. You should also put some thought into deciding the knobs on stoves and ovens in your home design. They should not be made of materials that are hard to clean. For instance, sufficient space should be available between knobs so that you can wipe them clean easily with a piece of cloth.

It is always crucial to ensure that your kitchen stays clean at all times so that proper hygiene is maintained. Easy-to-clean modular kitchen interior designs make it very easy and convenient to clean the kitchen and ensure that proper hygiene is maintained at all times.