10 Ways Luxury Apartments are Different from Regular Ones

Apartments are primarily categorized into two main divisions, regular and luxury apartments. We are going to discuss ten ways you could spot and differentiate a luxury apartment from a regular one. Residing in India, regular apartments are more bought than luxury apartments as the majority of people living in our country belong to the middle-class section of the society.  

Among the people buying their first residential property, more than 60% choose to go for regular apartments, which adds a sense of superiority in buying a luxury apartment.

  1. Cost: 

Cost is the most vital factor when we talk about any real estate. There is a considerable amount of cost difference between a luxury apartment and a regular one. The cost of luxury apartments in Mumbai for sale would be much higher if you compare it with a regular apartment elsewhere. 

The cost range of luxury apartments starts from one crore and can go on to four crores and even more than that, according to the amenities provided along with it. In contrast, regular apartments can cost you in between 40 to 60 lakhs in most metropolitan Indian cities. 

  1. Target audience: 

Both apartments are designed for a specific type of audience. Luxury apartments near Fort Wayne are generally approached by business class people, while most salaried class audiences go for regular apartments.  

But this is not 100% true as many people belonging to the upper-middle-class section prefer luxury apartments over regular ones.

  1. Neighbourhood: 

Luxury apartments are found in more premium neighbourhoods of the city. But this advantage is not associated with regular apartments. 

Regular apartments are designed in crowded areas to accommodate more people in lesser space. In contrast, that’s not the case with high-end flats.

  1. Aesthetics: 

Luxury apartments are aesthetically more pleasing than regular apartments. You can just tell that from looking at them.

More time and money are spent on luxury apartments to make them look more sophisticated.  

  1. Space: 

Luxury apartments offer you more space for the same building unit when compared to regular apartments. 

  1. Comfort: 

Luxury apartments are designed keeping in mind the occupant’s comfort requirements and can be felt more comfortable than regular ones.

High-end flats don’t compromise with the user’s comfort under any circumstances.

  1. Security: 

A more safe and secure environment can be felt around luxury apartments as these apartments provide you with highly advanced security systems which you cannot find in regular apartments.

Apart from that, luxury apartments are generally located in places with lesser crime rates.

  1. Returns: 

According to so many industry experts, luxury apartments can get you 30 to 40 percent extra returns for the same carpet area when compared to regular apartments.  

This is one of the reasons why many investors are opting for luxury flats in Pune 

  1. Floor to ceiling height: 

An apartment has to be at least 12 feet high to be called a luxury one. In contrast, most of the regular apartments are kept 8 to 10 feet high.

  1.  Amenities: 

Many luxurious amenities like an open roof, swimming pool, automated electrical and electronic system are provided in high-end apartments, making them different, or we can say better than regular apartments.