Buy cushions online for Home Decor and Comfort

Cushions are affordable home decoration accessory that gives both newness and comfort to your home decoration. They can be used in some ways to alter the look of your beds, sofas, and chairs while making your seating more relaxed. Whether you wish to place them in your living room or your balcony, this cozy addition to your comfortable seating will uplift your mood anywhere it is placed.

How to choose the right cushions

When choosing your cushion, take a look at your interiors and choose a design that goes well with the overall room. A choice of the right cushion makes your home decoration more elegant 

Here cushions online in Australia have a wide collection of options with different types of filling, material, shapes, colors, and sizes. Browse through cushions online the whole collection and options for a range of colors, patterns, and textures to breathe fresh life into your room. Set up as mentioned below variants up in your home and experience ultimate comfort and great look.

  • Cushions for Chair –usually these are placed on chairs or sofa sets to provide comfort and enhance the chair’s or sofa’s basic appearance adding elegance to the living room. Available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Cushions for Floor – When you have fewer seating arrangements in your home, these will make a good adding up to your furniture. All you have to do is place it on the floor and sit comfortably when you have a lot of guests coming over as these are built to do just that.
  • Cushions for Patio –These will robust and easily dry up, making them ideal for seating, chair bases, and sun loungers on the poolside. These make very well against the outdoor elements.
  • Cushions for Bench – These are existing for both outdoor and indoor seating, though the outdoor ones are more durable than the indoor ones. They are considered all the harmful external elements and are typically made from foam or poly-fiber covered in acrylic fabric or polyester. 

Home Decor Ideas by using Cushions

Here are some tips to get an idea to help you decorate your beautiful home with different types of cushions online

  • According to your Deportation choice of sofa sets, chairs, and beds in textured or plain cushions. For cozy addition to your favorite seating choose Shimmering velvet or classic prints in different colors.
  • Use floral, tribal, or different prints on cushions to create an elegant look while contrasting with contrasting throws on your couches or beds.
  • Pull together cushions in different shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, etc. with alphabets or numbers are written on them to make your child’s bedroom look more colorful and learning-filled.

Luxury Home Décor

Luxury home décor is something that every home deserves. You work hard so why not live amongst luxury and spend your free time surrounded by goodness. If you’re not sure where to start, then you’ve landed in the right place. You can put your very own stamp on your home with these beautiful tips, it’s never been easier. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials are simply timeless. They can range from wood to concrete to marble and various other stones and natural pieces. You’ll never tire from natural pieces around your home, and they’ll make any space look luxurious and elegant, not to mention they’re a real talking point at any dinner party. Take a look at Buster & Punch, their range of accessories boast a luxury and elegant feel in beautiful materials, they certainly give some inspiration for luxurious interior décor. 

Sculptural Décor Pieces 

Sculptural décor pieces are certainly a focal point to the room. They instantly add a luxurious feel to any home and are a beautiful conversation starter at a dinner party. These pieces are largely down to personal taste and bring a lovely sense of texture and colour to your home. 

The sculptural décor turns your house into a home by adding your own stamp on the place. Places that are most popular for sculpture décor are side units, coffee tables and console tables. If you’re an expressive person you may want to find pieces that resonate with you, that way your house really becomes a luxurious home. 
A table with objects on it

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If you find yourself staring at a blank wall in your home, it’s time to get wall papering. Adding a patterned feature wall is a beautiful way to add some texture, definition, and luxury to your home. Be careful not to overdo it with colours, try and stick to a more neutral colour tone which screams luxury this season. 

Pairing a patterned wallpaper with neutral accessories, throws and textures around the home is a very welcoming vibe for anybody visiting your home and you’ll achieve the luxe home lifestyle by doing this. It’s time to banish the whitewashed walls and introduce some real décor to create a beautiful and elegant feel to your home. 

Cabinet Hardware 

Finishing off your cabinets with beautifully designed cabinet hardware is the ultimate finishing touch to any luxurious home. Considering a natural material in a pull bar style adds class and elegance to your furniture pieces. Brass, Smoked Bronze and Steel are just a few of the options you can consider when deciding to revive your old furniture with new hardware. 

You can achieve a dramatic change when altering your hardware, this step can take a piece from drabs to riches, not to mention the positive effect on sustainability. Keep the change practical, you don’t want to fall into the path of making it look incredible but lacking in use, ensure you install sturdy and useful hardware that is long lasting, timeless and simply beautiful.

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Image Credit: Buster & Punch

The Best Australian Timber Species to Use in Your Home

When it comes to building a home, it’s only natural to want the best for your new sanctuary. The value of a well-designed space has been emphasised throughout the years to contribute to the enjoyment and relaxation that homeowners feel as they settle in their home. And if you’re the type to veer towards natural materials, it’s most likely a given that you’re thinking of adding timber elements into your design to incorporate the beauty of the Australian outdoors into your interiors.

So you might be wondering, what’s the best Australian timber species to use in your home? What do you need to consider when deciding on your timber, and what’s the most popular choice available today? Below, we list some amazing Australian timbers that have worked beautifully in flooring and furniture for the home, and their unique traits to help you decide on the best timber for your needs.


Known for its relatively quick growth cycle and versatility, Blackbutt has been used not only for solid timber flooring but in applications of engineered wood, parquetry, and decking.

Characterised by a pale brown to cream tone, and a beautiful cathedral grain pattern within its moderately coarse yet even texture, it’s been a fan favourite of builders and interior designers due to its interlocking yet generally straight grain.

With its Janka hardness rating of 6.3 and a dry density of 900 kg/m³, it’s a hardy timber to use for flooring because of its natural characteristics.


One of Australia’s native evergreen species, this timber is actually highly resistant to pests, disease, and drought. If you’re looking for a timber species that is naturally resistant to termites, this might be for you.

With a fine, even texture, and tones from reddish-brown to pale pink, Brushbox’s versatility and lack of gum veins make it a popular choice for builders and designers alike. With a naturally unblemished grain, a 9.5 Janka hardness rating, and a dry density of 900 kg/m³, it’s a great building material that boasts resistance to pests and therefore has been used more and more in construction and design.

Grey Ironbark

Grey Ironbark timber has an exceedingly tough and hard exterior, though it needs to be kiln-dried in order to maximise the wood’s hardiness. It’s important to note that while Grey Ironbark is renowned for its impressively high Janka rating of 14, and a high dry density of 1090kg/m³, it can be sometimes difficult to work with to create engineered flooring products. In general, this timber works well for solid timber flooring especially in high-traffic areas, decking, and even parquetry.

From honey tones, dark reds, and dark chocolate shades, there’s a lot of variation within this timber’s colouration that makes it a standout for builders. Plus, with its natural resistance to lyctid borers and termites, it’s a practical choice for home applications, too.


A rare timber species producing the most beautiful rich red tones, Jarrah’s a great addition to any room for some class and warmth. Often seen in cabinetry and panelling applications, this timber is durable and hard-wearing enough to be used in flooring as well as for outdoor furniture, decking, and parquetry.

However, it’s natural characteristics make it so that it’s nearly impossible to work with if it’s dried out and hardened. With a density of 820kg/m³ and a Janka hardness of 8.5, as well as a natural insect resistance, it’s no wonder that there’s now a demand for reclaimed Jarrah hardwood from old, dilapidated houses in order to repurpose it and recycle for new homes.

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum has beautifully warm brown wood tones that range from pale to chocolate which has been shown to be highly versatile for most home applications. With a uniquely wavy grain that shows pronounced fiddle-back effects, it’s been used for solid timber flooring, engineered wood, parquetry, and decking.

With a Janka hardness rating of 11, and a dry density of 950kg/m³, it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are veering towards spotted gum flooring for its stylish and hard-to-replicate look, with the bonus of excellent termite resistance, too.

Tasmanian Oak

With a straight and even grain that produces charming blonde woods that go from reddish-brown to pale cream, Tasmanian oak is easy to work with and has been used in parquetry and interior flooring.

While less durable than other Australian timber species at a 5.5 Janka hardness rating, as well as a light density of 650kg/m³, a lot of homeowners gravitate towards Tasmanian oak flooring for its unique blends of tones and its beautiful texture.

So What’s The Best Timber Species?

In truth, there’s no one perfect timber that does it all. The best timber is the one that fits your needs as a homeowner, so you need to make a list of what you’re looking for.

Are you after pale tones in the wood, or deep, unique shades? Perhaps you’re wanting to ensure that your timber lasts for the years to come, in which case you need to be looking at the Janka hardness rating scale, and how the timber has been used in construction historically. Or maybe you’re wanting the look of wooden flooring, but still want to keep to a budget so that you can design your home in the way that you like.

Deciding on the best timber species isn’t just a stylistic choice. As you can see, there’s a wide range of timber available for a wide variety of home applications. There are variance and versatility between each species, and it’s up to you to figure out which timber suits your requirements so that you make the right investment for your home.