Lighting up your Kitchen? Here is what you need to know

Being one of the busiest rooms in the house, the kitchen design should be accurate so that you do not encounter any inconvenience while preparing and cooking meals. Besides putting some thought into choosing the kitchen appliances, you should also research the various lighting fixtures you can install in your kitchen decor design. Lighting plays a crucial role in making the kitchen more functional. Not only a poorly lit kitchen appears very unappealing but it can also make performing your culinary tasks a little difficult. Hence, mentioned below are a few essential types of kitchen lights that will help you to keep your kitchen decor design well-lit:

01 of 04 Consider ambient lighting

Some of the commonly used ambient lighting fixtures are over the cabinet lights, recessed can lights, and cove lighting fixtures. With the help of proper ambient lighting, you can give your kitchen decor design a general illumination throughout the space. As a result, the kitchen layout will be very clearly visible and you can navigate easily through the space. Ambient lighting has a huge impact on the overall appearance of any room. In most cases, experts suggest installing warm-coloured lights for ambient lighting.

02 of 04 Always install under cabinet lighting

To perform your culinary tasks without facing any inconvenience, you need to install adequate task lighting in the kitchen decor design. It is crucial to perform your tasks safely as well. Under cabinet lighting lights up the countertops and the rest of the kitchen. By illuminating your countertops, you can not only make the kitchen space more attractive but also ensure that safety and cleanliness are maintained at all times. You can either choose puck lights or linear lights while installing the under cabinet lighting fixtures. They will keep the interiors illuminated so that you do not meet any accidents while chopping, slicing, and dicing. Also, these under cabinet lighting fixtures make it easy to spot dirt or stain on the countertops. Hence, the kitchen stays clean and hygienic.  

03 of 04 Add to the ambience with pendant lights

Experts always suggest installing pendant lights in the kitchen decor design because they are multi-functional lighting fixtures that act as task lights and ambient lights at the same time. They are preferred over open bars and kitchen islands as they stay suspended from the ceiling and focus more onto a surface. Besides offering sufficient illumination for dining, they prove to be very convenient while cleaning. Also, pendant lights are available in various designs, styles, and colours so that you can choose one that meets your taste and preference and easily blends in with the interior design of your kitchen to make it appear more appealing.

04 of 04 Accent lighting

Although kitchens are functional rooms, experts recommend installing accent lighting as well. Enhancing the kitchen’s designs has an impact on the overall design of the house. Accent lights will help to make the kitchen space look prettier. Choose from various options like angled recessed lights or track lights to highlight wall treatments and eliminate the mundane look from the walls. Other options like puck lights and display lights are great options if you want to showcase singular artwork or objects.

Besides choosing the type of lighting for your kitchen decor design, you need to pay attention to a few other factors as well:

Colour temperature

While choosing your lighting fixtures for the interior design of your kitchen, you should always keep in mind that the colour temperature of all the lights stays the same or very similar. If you choose lighting fixtures with different colour temperatures, it will completely ruin the appearance of the space. Never mix a cool bluish light with a warm daylight glow.

Choose fixtures that do not generate heat

Given the amount of heat generated while cooking inside the kitchen, the interior design of a kitchen is always designed keeping in mind that it does not get very hot while cooking. Hence, you should avoid lighting fixtures that generate a lot of heat. Few light bulb types like incandescents and halogens should not be installed in the interior design of your kitchen as they generate quite a bit of heat. These lighting fixtures can make it difficult to work in the kitchen, especially during the summers. Choose options like fluorescent, LED, etc.

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