Temporarily Lowered Taxes Means Now is the Right Time to Buy Andalusian Property

No matter where in the world you currently live, many people dream of Spanish home ownership, and thousands of those people every year make that dream a reality. If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to make your dream of living in Spain come true, then that moment could be now. The Andalusian government have announced a new decree that will see property taxes in the region temporarily lowered for all potential new homeowners, which could make purchasing a home in the region more affordable than ever. Here’s everything you need to know:

Which Property Taxes are Affected?

The two taxes that will be affected by this new decree are the Transfer Tax and the Stamp Duty. The potential savings could be significant. The previous Transfer Tax rate was 10%, 9%, or 8%, depending on the value of the property you were purchasing, but this has now been dropped to 7% regardless of the property purchase price. A similar change has been made to Stamp Duty, which has been reduced to 1.2% (from its previous rate of 1.5%). 

It’s important to note that this reduction in property taxes is a not a nationwide policy: it only applies to properties in Andalusia. What’s more, there is a time-limit on the initiative, so you’ll have to move fast. The reduction will only be in place until 31st December 2021, meaning that now is the perfect time to start your property search. 

These reductions will make purchasing property in the region much more appealing and affordable than ever before. If you’re not sure what the real-term implication of these reductions will be, here we assess things more extensively: 

Making Second-Hand Property More Appealing

Whilst this news is excellent for all potential property buyers, it is particularly interesting for those who are hoping to invest in second-hand property (a term to refer to all property that isn’t newly built). The more your potential purchase costs, the more money you will ultimately safe on your property transfer tax. The flat transfer tax rate of 7% will apply until December 2021, at which point it will revert to the previous rates. These rates were determined by the property value, and saw home purchasers spending the following:

  • Up to €400,000 you pay a Transfer Tax rate of 8%
  • From €400,000 to €700,000 you pay a Transfer Tax rate of 9%
  • From €700,000 onwards you pay a Transfer Tax rate of 10%

If the right home for you is a new build home then, whilst you will be able to take advantage of the 7% transfer rate, you will also have to pay a 10% VAT rate, which is why second hand homes are a more attractive proposition at this point. 

How Much Could I Save?

The main question that many potential property buyers will have at this point is ‘how much could I save?’ This depends on how much your property is worth, but the potential savings are significant. An example of this is that if you want to invest in a beautiful Mijas Costa villa that has a purchase price of €1,500,000 then instead of having to pay a Transfer Tax fee of €139,000, the transfer tax that you would have to pay would now be €105,000, meaning that you would be looking at a saving of €34,000 if you purchase a home this year. 

You could also save money on your stamp duty as a result of these changes. Stamp duty has been dropped from 1.5% to 1.2%, which applies to new build properties (but is not applied to resale homes). This means that new build buyers can also benefit from a significant tax reduction during this period. 

What are the Reasons for these Changes?

The Andalusian Government have implemented these changes is order lower property taxes in the region and make investment in the area a more attractive proposition. Other reasons for these temporary changes are: 

  • To encourage investment in the real estate sector, encouraging buyer both from within Spain and overseas to choose Andalusia when making their next move. This will encourage them to invest in the local property sector and simultaneously, the local economy.
  • To recuperate taxes in an indirect way, by giving local citizens access to a higher economical capacity, with the hope that this will be expended back into the economy, ultimately.

 If you’re thinking of moving to Spain, particularly to Andalusia, then there’s no time like the present.  If you’re ready to turn your dream of Spanish home ownership into a reality then why not get in touch with our local property experts, who are perfectly placed to help you find the Spanish home of your dreams.

Here’s what you need to know about Paragard lawsuits

While intrauterine devices are popular among women, a few products like Paragard IUD T 380A have been in the news for the wrong reasons. ParaGard lawsuits have been filed by women, who were injured because the IUD broke during removal. These lawsuits are filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies, claiming that they have designed a defective product, besides failing to warn the public about risks related to IUD fracturing. The purpose of Paragard lawsuit is to get compensation for suffering and damages. Lawyers are pursuing these lawsuits to recover medical bills, lost earning, and noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering.  

What are the claims made in Paragard lawsuits?

Plaintiffs are filing Paragard lawsuits with four different claims – defective design, manufacturing defect, failure to warn the public about risks related to the IUD, and negligence. So, do you have a valid lawsuit? We strongly suggest that you talk to an experienced lawyer, or find a law firm in your city that are accepting these lawsuits. 

Are these separate lawsuits?

Yes, Paragard lawsuits are filed separately and are not part of class-action. However, to speed up the settlement, these lawsuits will be eventually consolidated into a multidistrict litigation, or MDL. In case of multidistrict litigation, the judge will hear a few bellwether cases, and the judgement will set the course for other lawsuits. If your lawsuit is a part of multidistrict litigation, you will get a separate settlement, which is different from class-action. 

Other things to know

Please note that there is a statute of limitations in many states with regards to filing such lawsuits. When you have one or two years to file a Paragard lawsuit, you should consider talking to a lawyer at the earliest. Your lawyer can help in evaluating your case, and based on their assessment, you can take the lawsuit further. There have been no settlements related to Paragard lawsuits as yet, but as more cases are being filed, the matter may soon become a matter of public interest. 

Don’t wait to take action

If either or both of the IUD arms break off during removal, the patient may have to go through surgery to retrieve these broken pieces. In some cases, patients had to go through hysterectomy, which causes permanent infertility. Consider talking to an experienced attorney if you have suffered injuries because of ParaGard IUD. Expectedly, lawyers are trying to get the maximum possible settlement. 

Pros and Cons of Full Height Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Full height upper kitchen cabinets are gaining quite a lot of popularity nowadays. They look sleek, they offer storage and are overall different compared to traditional kitchen cabinets. However, if you are planning to make a purchase, you might want to consider all the pros and cons.

The Advantages

If you are on the fence on whether you should get full-height upper cabinetsor not, here are the advantages that might help you make your mind in their favor.

  • They Make the Kitchen Feel Brighter

It might seem like the opposite in your head, but full-height upper cabinets actually make the kitchen seem bigger and brighter. When we see dark corners, particularly packed with boxes (as we often tend to do with traditional cabinets), our mind perceives that as clutter. When the cabinet goes higher, you no longer have that cluttered space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

“The standard distance is 18 inches, from the top of the counter to the bottom of the wall cabinet. But we subscribe to the Scandinavian design aesthetic, and we often put cabinets higher—say, 24 inches above the counter, or even more. That creates a sense of openness and light,” Reform designer, Scott Bird, says.

  • More Storage Space

The higher your kitchen cabinets go, the more storage you will have in your kitchen. The average person uses the top part of the cabinet to store various items. However, if you choose full-height cabinets that go all the way up onto the ceiling, you’ll have much more hidden storage space – which means that your items will no longer have to clutter your kitchen.

  • They Require Less Maintenance

When your kitchen cabinets do not go all the way up into the ceiling, you probably have to clean the upper area of dust a lot. With that in mind, if you choose full-height upper cabinets that go all the way up into the ceiling, you will no longer have to focus that much on the area. Plus, you won’t have any items stashed there anymore, reducing the need for cleaning even further.

  • They Create a Modern Look

The advantage of tall cabinets is that since they haven’t been used a lot, full-height upper cabinets make the kitchen feel more contemporary. Traditional kitchens very often have that empty space above the counter which feels very “traditional,” so if you are looking for more edge, full height cabinets should be your main choice.

“Contemporary cabinets tend to look the best floor to ceiling, while a less-than-full-height cabinet can resemble a lovely piece of furniture in a more traditional space,” says Victoria Sass, an interior designer from Minneapolis.

The Disadvantages

There are several advantages when it comes to full-height upper kitchen cabinets, but you might also want to keep certain disadvantages in mind. By weighing all the pros and cons, you should be able to determine whether they are a suitable choice for youor not. Here is what to expect:

  • It Might Be More Difficult for You to Reach

If you are one of those unlucky people that can barely reach the top cabinets as they are, then you might find yourself in a more unlucky position. These cabinets are great for tall people, but if you are someone that is quite short, you might have a difficult time getting around without a ladder.

  • Can Still Take Space

For medium to large-sized rooms, full height cabinets can indeed make the area seem bigger and brighter. However, if you have a very small kitchen, it can make the space feel quite cramped. Smaller cabinets or shelves might work better in this scenario.

The Bottom Line

In the end, when you put everything in balance, there are more pros to get full-height upper kitchen cabinets than there are cons. Unless you are really tight on space or short, taller cabinets should come to your advantage.

Due to the extra height, they offer more storage options and take away the feeling that the room is cluttered. Moreover, they are much easier to clean, since you no longer have extra kitchen pieces stashed up there. So, consider all these aspects and choose according to your needs and preferences. For more information visit https://www.rtacabinetsupply.com/

Factors to consider when making an outdoor fireplace in San Diego

Fireplaces are welcoming areas for socialization and relaxation at home. There are so many things to be considered when building or buying a fireplace.

Here, we shall look at everything that concerns setting up a good fireplace San Diego.


These are the main design of the fireplace itself. Fireplaces are available in different types of materials, including metal, stone, and wood. Ensure that the mantel and material chosen for your house are matching.

The overall size of the fireplace should be compatible with the size of the mantel.


Fireplaces are available in various sizes. You will be able to choose the fit that you prefer. Go for large fireplaces as they are easily visible. A smaller fireplace acts as more of an accessory. When installing a wood-burning fireplace, its size will determine the capacity.


There are two basic types of fuel for fireplaces; gas and wood. A gas fireplace requires little maintenance when compared to wood. However, when it comes to installation, the wood fireplace is less costly.

Things to consider when making outdoor fireplaces

  1. The purpose of the fireplace

It adds value to your home. It makes the atmosphere of your backyard calm. The reasons for adding an outdoor fireplace to your home are;

  • Enhancing an existing gathering area with a fireplace.
  • Providing a toasty and comfortable atmosphere during cold seasons.
  • Providing a good spot for individuals who use outdoor space for cooking.
  • If you want to add an intimate space.
  1. Is it a gas or wood-burning fireplace?

It is prudent to consider whether you want a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Both options have their different unique benefits. If you reside in an area with wood-burning restrictions, it is best to go for a gas fireplace.

A gas fireplace is a safe fire alternative. It does not expend embers or ashes and contains a clean burn. It requires no permission when building it.

As for wood-burning fireplaces, there is no limit to where you can install them.

  1. Is the fireplace compatible with the style of your home?

When planning for an outdoor fireplace, consider the design of your home and space. You can choose from so many outdoor fireplaces designs. You can match any existing stonework in your house. Also, consider stacked stone, which is versatile and contemporary.

  1. Fireplace size

When picking the right size, know the purpose of the fireplace and take a look at your home’s exterior. A good fireplace should be proportional to your home. A big fireplace can overpower your property.

  1. Do you want additional features in your outdoor living space?

When making fireplace plans, it is good to consider the goal for your outdoor living area. Go for sleek, contemporary, and rustic designs for your outdoor living area.


There are many choices for outdoor fireplace plans. Go for the ones that suit your needs and match your budget. Consider your current home landscape and any local laws.


Hiring a plumbing contractor is vital for any household and therefore it is equally important to choose one who is highly skilled and qualified. Choosing an underqualified service provider can lead to worse problems both financially and regarding the plumbing issue. This article will discuss some of the topmost important tips that you should consider as you hire a plumbing contractor.

Quality and duration of work experience 

While a new company can do a terrific job, it is better to hire someone with plenty of experience. If a plumbing contractor boasts of years in the business, this means that he or she has a proven track record of doing quality work. There are also plumbers with a higher level of learning compared to newbies in the business. Master plumbers are the best when it comes to this field therefore it is advisable to go for someone with the highest level of training that you can find.

Understand the variables that factor into the price catalogues of different companies

When hiring a plumbing company, it is important to consider all the variables that influence their rates including:

  1. The time that it takes to complete an installation or repair service.
  2. The quality of the fixtures that will be used.
  3. The number of the fixtures that will be used.

Enquire about both liability and worker’s compensation insurance

In addition to choosing a licensed plumber, you should also choose one who is insured. The insurance should cover both liability and workman’s compensation. Therefore, you are ascertained that incase of any mishap by the contractor, it shall be covered.

Ask for a free estimate

It is important to ask for an estimate from your service provider before they provide the services as this will assist you in determining a budget to work with. Additionally, it is important to ask for several estimates from multiple plumbing contractors. Contact Plumber Lancaster ca for a free quote today.

Make specific enquiries 

When consulting from a plumbing company, ensure that you have a rough idea of the problem that you are experiencing beforehand. You should also set out a detailed and clear brief before requesting for a quote. Ideally, get at least three quotes from top rated companies. Contact Plumber Lancaster ca today to make any enquiries.

Conduct an interview over the phone

Make a list of questions that you can potentially ask all your prospective plumbing service providers. These questions can vary as:

  1. The size of the projects that they handle
  2. Their ability to offer financial references
  3. A list of previous clients that they have worked for
  4. The length of time that they have with their subcontractors
  5. The quality and rates of their fixtures
  6. Their rates


The tips that have been provided in this article are substantial when it comes to finding a trustworthy plumbing contractor. Additionally, you can contact Plumber Lancaster ca for all your plumbing enquiries.

Six essential things to look out for in a waterproofing company

Early detection of any problem in a home is very vital. In the event of water leakage in your home, it is crucial to hire a reputable waterproofing company. Your home would be a great asset hence the need wise if you did thorough research when hiring a reputable waterproofing company.

Check out the following things when searching for waterproofing companies.

  1. Credentials and licenses

Hire a contractor that is insured and licensed. A local building permit is used in basement waterproofing in most areas. A company that has a state license has met the requirements of doing that particular job. You can be guaranteed of quality services.

Hiring a licensed contractor prevents you from clashing with the local authorities. To check their credentials, go through the company’s website before hiring their services. The company should be a member of or certified by a professional body.

  1. Specialization in waterproofing

Just like any other profession, waterproofing needs specialization. So, first, enquire from your contractor about the services that they are offering. Once they understand what your needs are, they will be able to address them.

  1. Company’s reputation

The reputation of a company is a fundamental element. Hire a company that has an excellent public image in the community. Find out from other customers whether they offer satisfactory services. It will give you the go-ahead when hiring a waterproofing company.

While doing research, check the online reviews of a company. It is the best way to check whether their services are offered professionally.

  1. Experience

Look for an experienced company if you want good waterproofing services. If the company has been in this business for a long, consider them. The years of experience ensures that a company has perfected their techniques and methods of waterproofing buildings.

Experienced professionals solve your problems so that you do not need to search for those services in the coming days.

  1. Bonded

A reputable company should be bonded. It will ensure that you will not incur the costs of the risks in the line of work. It also protects your employees in the event they are involved in any accidents.

  1. A company that has the necessary infrastructure

You need to hire a company with the correct infrastructure. Get to know the necessary infrastructure for a company to accomplish the work given. The excellent workforce and equipment are also another consideration when hiring a professional waterproofing service.

It will assure you reliability and quality.

The bottom line

Water damage is an expensive affair and very time-consuming. It can easily affect your family’s health and also cause damage to the properties in your home. Hiring a reputable company to fix your problems is a worthy investment. 

With these guidelines in place, you will correct and prevent minor problems that may arise.

Once you settle for a reputable company, you are guaranteed that their professional team will deliver quality work to your waterproofing services.

Combining Classic with Modern: Essential Decoration Ideas for Your Sports-Crypto Man Cave

There are many essential components to crafting your perfect man cave, including a recliner, sofa, big TV, some form of pub sports area, and a bar. However, what really pulls it all together is your decorations. This is where you customise and personalise your man cave the most. 

Sports memorabilia is a must-have element to any man cave, be it a decorative piece that reflects your team or a famous moment. You’ll also want to mix in something novel to you too, which is why so many modern man caves are looking for decorations that draw on the modern phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto is the talk of the financial world right now, and sports will always be the subject of debate with friends, with their newly intertwined nature making for a perfect duo for man cave décor. 

Combining the nostalgia of sports memorabilia with the future of money

Right now, anyone who owns cryptocurrency is seen as a forward-thinking wizard of finances, with the volatility of the market regularly catching headlines for making people a lot of money. 

With the right decorations, this futuristic theme can perfectly accentuate the classic feel that comes from special pieces of sports memorabilia. Both are associated with high value and can blend across the man cave itself. The two themes may seem quite detached on the face of it, but the popularity of crypto sportsbooks is certainly making sports and crypto close associates. 

As is commonplace in the man cave, when the live sports are on the screen, many will have their smartphone at the ready to place some bets. Now, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can make use of their coins on verified crypto sportsbooks, with the transaction method offering much faster speeds, financial privacy, low or zero fees, and sometimes, bigger bonuses. 

As such, sports and crypto are becoming more and more synonymous – particularly because sports betting is one of the few widely adopted methods of actually using crypto as money.

Getting the perfect crypto-sports aesthetic in your man cave

Both of these themes are very decoration centric, with the focus being on drawing from the classic aesthetic of sports memorabilia while leaning into the futuristic crypto vibes. Immediately what comes to mind is a crypto neon sign, possibly positioned by the door or bar. You’ll likely have to settle for a Bitcoin neon sign unless you have one custom made. 

Another great way to go is with metal posters. Mounted on magnets and adding some shine to the place, a metal poster like the Space Ethereum on Displate showcases modern décor in a modern theme, featuring an astronaut with the Ethereum gem. Etsy is another great place for unique crypto decorations, including a live ticker for the prices, couch cushions, and physical coins, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin. 

Around your big screen and the sports-watching area, you’ll want to go all-in on your sports memorabilia. Signed shirts and jerseys are the natural way to go, being the most valuable pieces, as are signed gloves if you’re into combat sports – these are often seen as the manliest of all man cave decorations. Artful canvases of famous sports history moments are also a great way to bring prestige to your collection. 

Not only are crypto sportsbooks blending the two, but these two decoration themes can work very well in tandem for your man cave. 

ELFA – The Swedish Shelving System That’s The Secret To A Functional, Effective Laundry

With the change of season, you may find yourself wanting to declutter your home and repurpose your space. As you bring jumpers and warm clothing out of storage, you may start to feel like you’ve got too much stuff – and no idea what to do with it all. As the cooler months set in and it takes longer for washing to dry, it’s so easy for your laundry room to become a dumping ground for rain-soaked clothing, wet washing, gum boots and a whole manner of other household items.

There are so many great tips out there for making the most of your laundry space, and reducing the clutter that takes up space in your home and your mind. One such system for decluttering and easy storage that we love is the Elfa Shelf – and it will suit so much more than just your laundry.

What is Elfa?

Elfa is a Swedish shelving system, offering versatility as a storage solution for so many spaces in your home. Fully customisable and adjustable, the modular design makes it simple and easy to fit the Elfa shelves to your needs and lifestyle. Constructed from the best quality epoxy powder coated steel, the manufacturer believes in their Elfa shelves so much that they offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

With the handy modular design, the opportunities for what Elfa can offer you are truly only limited by your imagination – but here are a few tips to get you started!

ElfaIn Your Laundry

Choose between white or platinum steel depending on your aesthetic, with the light colours really allowing the space to feel open and bright.

To solve the issue of slow-drying clothes in the winter and a big bulky clothes airer in the way, use one of the Elfa attachments that will act as a fold-out clothes airer, so that you can have clothes drying when needed without taking up any floor space.

Install an Elfa shelf or basket above your washing machine or basin for a handy spot to store washing powders and detergents within arms reach.

Elfa shelving and baskets can be used completely to suit your needs, so in the laundry you can have all your towels and tea-towels neatly folded or rolled, and stored helpfully in baskets mounted on your Elfa shelving frame.

Hang a door caddy over the door in your linen cupboard or laundry, storing bottles for cleaning or rolls of toilet paper. These caddies are also super handy for use in the kitchen or bathroom, or even in the kids’ rooms to store scrunchies and hair ties.

Hooks and attachments for your broom, mop and mop bucket will keep these awkwardly shaped items from getting in the way in your linen cupboard, and will keep them off the floor. If you don’t have the wall room in your laundry, you could easily store these items in your garage or wherever you do have the space.

Wardrobe Uses

When done well, a wardrobe can look incredibly satisfying, and be just as functional. Elfa offers endless opportunities for this underappreciated space in the home.

Unless you’ve used one, you can’t even imagine the difference a good shoe rack can make in your wardrobe. Choose the size and design based on your needs and how many pairs of shoes you keep, and take the time to organise them carefully. Your wardrobe will immediately feel less cluttered and more organised.

Use up all the valuable space in your wardrobe, even the often neglected space beneath your hanging shirts. Add wire drawers and baskets to hold the little, fiddly things that live in your wardrobe, like hats, scares and purses. Nearly folded and stored away, they will be easy to retrieve whenever you need.

In The Office

You can design your home office exactly as you want, with all the different options of Elfa shelving making it so easy. Whether you need a lot of desk space, or a lot of drawer space, or you only have a small room to work with, the modular aspect of Elfa comes in handy here.

Choose what sort of desk you need, and then create ways to use up all the space around it. Shelving above the desk will allow room for you to store all your files, or choose to have drawers beneath the desk to store paperwork. Enjoy endless shelving opportunities to achieve that library-look lined with books, or for all the bits and pieces you need to keep somewhere for work or your business.

Other Wondrous Elfa Uses

These are just a few of our favourite uses for the various parts of the Elfa shelving system – but there are so many other great ways you can use these throughout your home and office. Use Elfa wire drawers in your pantry to store your potatoes and onions, or in the bottom of your sink for an easy pull-out place to keep detergents. Dedicate a wall in your garage to Elfa shelves for your tools and garden equipment, or in the activity room use drawers and shelves to store the kids’ toys. Get the kids involved, and let them help figure out how Elfa can be used in their rooms and playroom.

Elfa offers so many storage solutions, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! We recommend focusing on one room of your home at a time – like perhaps that neglected laundry. Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of it, decluttering and reorganising as you go. The best part is, they’re so adjustable that you can update or change your setup whenever you need – and you probably will, as you think of more creative ways to utilise the endless storage opportunities!

Stylish Coffee Table Designs for Your Living Room

Coffee tables have become an integral part of living rooms for several years. It is a functional piece of furniture that also adds charm and personality to your living room. Over the years, coffee table designs have undergone different changes and modifications. With the living room being witness to many gatherings, it goes without saying that the coffee table comes in handy in more ways than one. You can use it to brighten up your room by placing a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table. It is also often used to serve beverages and snacks to friends and family. You can also transform your coffee table to look more stylish by adding an interesting coffee table book and a curio or two. The possibilities are endless. With Wakefit offering so many different coffee table designs, you will not have trouble finding the perfect one for your living room.

Interesting Coffee Table Designs

  • Minimalist Coffee Table

If you prefer minimalist décor, opting for a minimalist coffee table like the Java Coffee Table from Wakefit is a good idea. The sleek design of the table is perfect for the living room without taking up too much space. Minimalist coffee tables are designed to have simple designs that do not have any ornate designs or carvings. These are often made from wood and often have straight lines and monochrome colour.

  • Wooden Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tables with storage space are popular among homeowners all over the world. You can store your favourite reading magazines, books and other things in the hidden compartments. The Robusta Coffee Table from Wakefit offers drawers for additional storage as well as open compartments.

  • Multifunctional Coffee Tables

With space being a constraint in most homes, multifunctional furniture has become popular over the years. Some people use large chests as a coffee table. The chest offers plenty of storage space for things like pillows and blankets. When closed, the chest acts as a coffee table.

  • Antique Coffee Tables

If you have antique furniture lying around, it is time to give it a makeover and transform it into a unique coffee table. With some simple DIY tricks, you can give the antique table a new coat of paint and even add some embellishments of your own. This can be turned into a fun family project as well.

  • Multi-tiered Coffee Tables

The multi-tiered coffee tables usually come in a set of two or three tables. They can be moved around as and when required. This comes in handy to organise your tables so that they take up minimal space when not in use.

  • Skinny leg Coffee Tables

Although the coffee table’s legs may look skinny, they are sturdy and can handle their burden without a whimper. Skinny coffee tables have an antique feel and often have miniature plants or an antique vase as décor.

  • White Coffee Tables

If you love the colour white, you will be glad to know that white coffee tables are not in scarcity. In fact, Wakefit has two fantastic coffee table designs in white, namely, the Kent Coffee Table and the Java Coffee Table. These sleek designs have white tabletops that add to the elegance of any living room.

Décor Ideas For Your Coffee Table

Once you have found the perfect coffee table for your living room, it is time to make it look stunning. Here are a few interesting ideas from the top interior decorators:

  • Go Green

Fresh green plants in a room have been known to create a calm and peaceful ambience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a green thumb or not. Buy a few low maintenance indoor plants like money plant, palm plant or even a small bonsai. You can place these plants in beautiful ceramic pots and transform your living room instantly. Tiny indoor planters with succulents is another great way to introduce some much-needed greenery into your living room.

  • DIY

If your centre table looks a bit plain, how about adding some patterns and colour by etching. You can etch out stripes or even engrave a few indie patterns if you have a creative side. This will make your coffee table stand out and add some character to the living room as well.

  • Stack It Up

Rather than spreading out your things on the coffee table, try stacking it up. You can have a stack of interesting books that has a small planter on top. This will create the illusion of more space without giving away any of its personality.

  • Candles & Vases

Another great decor idea is to add candles and vases to your coffee table. You can find scented candles in different enticing scents. You can light it up when you have guests over to have your home smelling fresh with some feel-good vibes.

  • Pottery

Clay décor has always been a favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike. It evokes an earthy feel and helps you remain connected to nature and your surroundings.

  • Interesting Paperweights

Another interesting décor idea for coffee tables is paperweights. You can even switch them around according to the different seasons.

The idea behind creating a stunning coffee table display is to play around with different elements. The key point to remember is to stick to three items. According to experienced interior designers, you need to stick to 3 different elements to make sure there is a perfect balance.

Once you pick out a coffee table you like you will find it easy to find items to place on the table. For example, the Liberica Coffee Table is a minimalist coffee table design that offers ample tabletop space. It will look fantastic with any of the décor ideas mentioned above. It might help to take the living room décor into account while deciding what to display on your coffee table. You also have the option of leaving your coffee table empty for a minimalist look. It is time to head to Wakefit to find the perfect coffee table for your living room.