Stylish Coffee Table Designs for Your Living Room

Coffee tables have become an integral part of living rooms for several years. It is a functional piece of furniture that also adds charm and personality to your living room. Over the years, coffee table designs have undergone different changes and modifications. With the living room being witness to many gatherings, it goes without saying that the coffee table comes in handy in more ways than one. You can use it to brighten up your room by placing a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table. It is also often used to serve beverages and snacks to friends and family. You can also transform your coffee table to look more stylish by adding an interesting coffee table book and a curio or two. The possibilities are endless. With Wakefit offering so many different coffee table designs, you will not have trouble finding the perfect one for your living room.

Interesting Coffee Table Designs

  • Minimalist Coffee Table

If you prefer minimalist décor, opting for a minimalist coffee table like the Java Coffee Table from Wakefit is a good idea. The sleek design of the table is perfect for the living room without taking up too much space. Minimalist coffee tables are designed to have simple designs that do not have any ornate designs or carvings. These are often made from wood and often have straight lines and monochrome colour.

  • Wooden Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tables with storage space are popular among homeowners all over the world. You can store your favourite reading magazines, books and other things in the hidden compartments. The Robusta Coffee Table from Wakefit offers drawers for additional storage as well as open compartments.

  • Multifunctional Coffee Tables

With space being a constraint in most homes, multifunctional furniture has become popular over the years. Some people use large chests as a coffee table. The chest offers plenty of storage space for things like pillows and blankets. When closed, the chest acts as a coffee table.

  • Antique Coffee Tables

If you have antique furniture lying around, it is time to give it a makeover and transform it into a unique coffee table. With some simple DIY tricks, you can give the antique table a new coat of paint and even add some embellishments of your own. This can be turned into a fun family project as well.

  • Multi-tiered Coffee Tables

The multi-tiered coffee tables usually come in a set of two or three tables. They can be moved around as and when required. This comes in handy to organise your tables so that they take up minimal space when not in use.

  • Skinny leg Coffee Tables

Although the coffee table’s legs may look skinny, they are sturdy and can handle their burden without a whimper. Skinny coffee tables have an antique feel and often have miniature plants or an antique vase as décor.

  • White Coffee Tables

If you love the colour white, you will be glad to know that white coffee tables are not in scarcity. In fact, Wakefit has two fantastic coffee table designs in white, namely, the Kent Coffee Table and the Java Coffee Table. These sleek designs have white tabletops that add to the elegance of any living room.

Décor Ideas For Your Coffee Table

Once you have found the perfect coffee table for your living room, it is time to make it look stunning. Here are a few interesting ideas from the top interior decorators:

  • Go Green

Fresh green plants in a room have been known to create a calm and peaceful ambience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a green thumb or not. Buy a few low maintenance indoor plants like money plant, palm plant or even a small bonsai. You can place these plants in beautiful ceramic pots and transform your living room instantly. Tiny indoor planters with succulents is another great way to introduce some much-needed greenery into your living room.

  • DIY

If your centre table looks a bit plain, how about adding some patterns and colour by etching. You can etch out stripes or even engrave a few indie patterns if you have a creative side. This will make your coffee table stand out and add some character to the living room as well.

  • Stack It Up

Rather than spreading out your things on the coffee table, try stacking it up. You can have a stack of interesting books that has a small planter on top. This will create the illusion of more space without giving away any of its personality.

  • Candles & Vases

Another great decor idea is to add candles and vases to your coffee table. You can find scented candles in different enticing scents. You can light it up when you have guests over to have your home smelling fresh with some feel-good vibes.

  • Pottery

Clay décor has always been a favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike. It evokes an earthy feel and helps you remain connected to nature and your surroundings.

  • Interesting Paperweights

Another interesting décor idea for coffee tables is paperweights. You can even switch them around according to the different seasons.

The idea behind creating a stunning coffee table display is to play around with different elements. The key point to remember is to stick to three items. According to experienced interior designers, you need to stick to 3 different elements to make sure there is a perfect balance.

Once you pick out a coffee table you like you will find it easy to find items to place on the table. For example, the Liberica Coffee Table is a minimalist coffee table design that offers ample tabletop space. It will look fantastic with any of the décor ideas mentioned above. It might help to take the living room décor into account while deciding what to display on your coffee table. You also have the option of leaving your coffee table empty for a minimalist look. It is time to head to Wakefit to find the perfect coffee table for your living room.

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