ELFA – The Swedish Shelving System That’s The Secret To A Functional, Effective Laundry

With the change of season, you may find yourself wanting to declutter your home and repurpose your space. As you bring jumpers and warm clothing out of storage, you may start to feel like you’ve got too much stuff – and no idea what to do with it all. As the cooler months set in and it takes longer for washing to dry, it’s so easy for your laundry room to become a dumping ground for rain-soaked clothing, wet washing, gum boots and a whole manner of other household items.

There are so many great tips out there for making the most of your laundry space, and reducing the clutter that takes up space in your home and your mind. One such system for decluttering and easy storage that we love is the Elfa Shelf – and it will suit so much more than just your laundry.

What is Elfa?

Elfa is a Swedish shelving system, offering versatility as a storage solution for so many spaces in your home. Fully customisable and adjustable, the modular design makes it simple and easy to fit the Elfa shelves to your needs and lifestyle. Constructed from the best quality epoxy powder coated steel, the manufacturer believes in their Elfa shelves so much that they offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

With the handy modular design, the opportunities for what Elfa can offer you are truly only limited by your imagination – but here are a few tips to get you started!

ElfaIn Your Laundry

Choose between white or platinum steel depending on your aesthetic, with the light colours really allowing the space to feel open and bright.

To solve the issue of slow-drying clothes in the winter and a big bulky clothes airer in the way, use one of the Elfa attachments that will act as a fold-out clothes airer, so that you can have clothes drying when needed without taking up any floor space.

Install an Elfa shelf or basket above your washing machine or basin for a handy spot to store washing powders and detergents within arms reach.

Elfa shelving and baskets can be used completely to suit your needs, so in the laundry you can have all your towels and tea-towels neatly folded or rolled, and stored helpfully in baskets mounted on your Elfa shelving frame.

Hang a door caddy over the door in your linen cupboard or laundry, storing bottles for cleaning or rolls of toilet paper. These caddies are also super handy for use in the kitchen or bathroom, or even in the kids’ rooms to store scrunchies and hair ties.

Hooks and attachments for your broom, mop and mop bucket will keep these awkwardly shaped items from getting in the way in your linen cupboard, and will keep them off the floor. If you don’t have the wall room in your laundry, you could easily store these items in your garage or wherever you do have the space.

Wardrobe Uses

When done well, a wardrobe can look incredibly satisfying, and be just as functional. Elfa offers endless opportunities for this underappreciated space in the home.

Unless you’ve used one, you can’t even imagine the difference a good shoe rack can make in your wardrobe. Choose the size and design based on your needs and how many pairs of shoes you keep, and take the time to organise them carefully. Your wardrobe will immediately feel less cluttered and more organised.

Use up all the valuable space in your wardrobe, even the often neglected space beneath your hanging shirts. Add wire drawers and baskets to hold the little, fiddly things that live in your wardrobe, like hats, scares and purses. Nearly folded and stored away, they will be easy to retrieve whenever you need.

In The Office

You can design your home office exactly as you want, with all the different options of Elfa shelving making it so easy. Whether you need a lot of desk space, or a lot of drawer space, or you only have a small room to work with, the modular aspect of Elfa comes in handy here.

Choose what sort of desk you need, and then create ways to use up all the space around it. Shelving above the desk will allow room for you to store all your files, or choose to have drawers beneath the desk to store paperwork. Enjoy endless shelving opportunities to achieve that library-look lined with books, or for all the bits and pieces you need to keep somewhere for work or your business.

Other Wondrous Elfa Uses

These are just a few of our favourite uses for the various parts of the Elfa shelving system – but there are so many other great ways you can use these throughout your home and office. Use Elfa wire drawers in your pantry to store your potatoes and onions, or in the bottom of your sink for an easy pull-out place to keep detergents. Dedicate a wall in your garage to Elfa shelves for your tools and garden equipment, or in the activity room use drawers and shelves to store the kids’ toys. Get the kids involved, and let them help figure out how Elfa can be used in their rooms and playroom.

Elfa offers so many storage solutions, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! We recommend focusing on one room of your home at a time – like perhaps that neglected laundry. Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of it, decluttering and reorganising as you go. The best part is, they’re so adjustable that you can update or change your setup whenever you need – and you probably will, as you think of more creative ways to utilise the endless storage opportunities!

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