Bedroom Makeover Time: Top Bedroom Trends

The bedroom is the one room in your home where you can lose all your inhibitions and just be yourself. So to achieve this level of comfort, you need to be surrounded by things you love like a double teak wood bed or an antique dressing table. Sometimes people tend to overlook decorating their bedrooms since it is a space that is not often on display and hence ends up being neglected. It is time to shake things up and give your bedroom a top to bottom makeover. Take this chance to celebrate this space and shower it with all the love it deserves and get ready to create a dreamy sanctuary like no other!

Key Bedroom Elements

  • Seek Inspiration

Before you set out to transform your bedroom, how about creating a mood board first? Look for inspiration around you and online to add everything you like to your mood board. Then play around with it to create a signature bedroom look. You can find inspiration in furniture showrooms, Pinterest, your friends’ homes or at Wakefit.  Once you are inspired, designing your bedroom makeover will be a breeze!

  • Asymmetry & Texture

While keeping everything symmetric might seem like a good idea, adding a touch of asymmetry to your room is a great way to add some individuality to the room. You can also add different textures to the room with deep rugs, cotton quilts, knit cushions and sheer curtains. The key is to bring in elements that make you feel happy. Mixing and matching different textures and following an asymmetrical pattern along with a Wakefit wood bed will help create a bedroom that is unique and reflects your personal taste.

  • Pick A Mood

Picking a mood colour pallet will make it easier to create a theme for your new bedroom. Earthy tones and neutral shades are trending currently. These shades create a warm feeling which is perfect for a bedroom. If you prefer deeper hues, remember to balance them out with other key elements in lighter shades. If you aren’t too sure about picking colours, turn to the internet for inspiration. Play around with wall colours and lighting to create a bedroom mood that will make you feel as if you never want to leave the comfort of your room ever again!

  • Glamour and Comfort

The first thought that comes to mind when you think of your bedroom should be comfort, followed by style. You need to design a room that is more about style and comfort rather than only about functionality. Gone are the days when bedrooms were used only for sleep and nothing else. Stop worrying whether your kids or pets will mess up the light fabric colours. It is time to give in to your inner self and design your dream bedroom. Add some upholstered headboards if you want to add some glamour to the room. You can also add plenty of throw pillows in different sizes for comfort and style.

  • Personalize It

Each person has their own unique taste and preference when it comes to decorating their bedroom. You need to find out what your preferences are before you start. With plenty of choices available, you have the freedom to play around with colours and textures. Never settle for something because it was the only one available at the store you visited. Online shopping has opened up a world of possibilities. Use it to your benefit and search for elements that will help give your bedroom the makeover it deserves.

Top Bedroom Makeover Trends

Here are the three top bedroom trends that have been driving homeowners across the globe wild. Take a look and see if it sparks your desire for a new bedroom!

  • Curves Are Here

More and more people are turning to curves to make a statement with their bedroom. You will come across plenty of bed frames that have soft and fluid silhouettes that go well with this décor style. If you are picking out curved furniture for your bedroom, remember to include one piece with angles like a teak wood cotto help balance out the room. Neutral shades with accent tones work well with this bedroom décor trend. It is time to embrace the curve in your bedroom!

  • Go Trigger Happy With Colours

Embrace an interesting colour scheme for your bedroom. While neutral colours have been trending for a while, interior design experts predict bold colour schemes to take over soon. The colour you pick needs to help you calm down and relax in your bedroom For example if you prefer blue colour, add a shade of green and a few neutral tones like grey, beige and white to balance it out. If you want an elegant bedroom, pink is the perfect shade. It has the right touch of elegance and sophistication for any bedroom. Accessorize your bedroom with bed linen in shades of delicate pink and charcoal to complete the look.

  • Natural All The Way

Using natural elements in your bedroom is one way of getting closer to nature. Furniture made from solid hardwood is durable and lasts longer. They have sleek designs with straight lines. You can take advantage of the natural light in your bedroom by placing the bed near the window. This will allow the sunlight to bathe you every morning. With sheer cotton curtains, you will enjoy the breeze that cools your bedroom naturally. You can complement the bedroom décor with coordinating storage pieces made from solid wood like a chest of drawers or a wooden wardrobe. If you are worried about the teak wood bed price, check out trustworthy online sellers like Wakefit.

The key to executing the perfect bedroom makeover is bringing in elements that you love. After all, you are the one who is going to be spending the most time in your bedroom. If you share your bedroom with your partner, remember to take their preferences and choices into account while coming up with bedroom makeover ideas. Get ready to make your bedroom your personal sanctuary with the latest trends!