Beautification – How To Improve Your Home’s Value According to Rusty Tweed

Beautification – How To Improve Your Home’s Value

According to Rusty Tweed, we all approach certain signposts in the road of Life when it comes to adulthood.  Marriage, Starting a family, and the big one most of us encounter, Howe Ownership. The great thing about home ownership is that the value of your home is not locked in once you make your initial down payment.  Home values can fluctuate wildly depending on the market, how other homes in your neighborhood are selling, and other intangibles.  One tangible thing that you as the homeowner can do to improve your home value is making improvements to the property.

Home Improvements

The first thing Rusty Tweed states that a home assessor sees when they come to your property is the overall view of the property itself.  How does your lawn look?  Is it a healthy bright green?  Or is it unkempt and starting to turn brownish?  Look at your driveway, are there oil stains on the concrete?  Chips in the pavement?  How about your home siding?  These are all things that leap out to the assessor before they even walk into your home to conduct an assessment.

When you’re conducting improvements, always start with the outside of the home.  You can patch those holes in the driveway or replace the concrete altogether.  The siding can be redone and repainted and you can contact a good grounds crew to spruce things up with the lawn outside.  You can also plant flowers in certain spots that will catch the eye and brighten the ambiance outside.  

Inside The Home

Now that the outside of your home is looking its best, Rusty Tweed says it’s time to switch to the inside of the home.  It’s always good to make sure that you have the latest and most up-to-date electrical code for your home.  You should also check your heating / cooling and plumbing work at this time too to make sure that it’s current.  You can make improvements to these systems and those could take form in a tankless water heater for instance or central air conditioning.  

Adding additional amenities to the home can also raise the value with such things as a Solar Hot water system or a kitchen island.  If you think in terms of buying a car, you’re adding additional options for the prospective car buyer (home seller, in this case).  While making these changes, now would be a good time to check your home’s foundation.  The assessor will check this as part of their assessment to make sure that your home sits on solid ground and that there are no cracks or chips forming in the masonry walls.

Contact Rusty Tweed today if you’re in the market for real estate and real estate exchanges.  Rusty has been in the real estate trade now for over 30 years and his expertise can help you today.

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