10 Perfect Housewarming Gifts For the First Home Owner

Moving into your first home can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Making the space feel like your own can take time. Receiving a thoughtful housewarming gift can help make the transition easier, and remind the new homeowner that their loved ones are thinking of them.

Choosing the right housewarming gift that will be used and treasured can be difficult. It’s easy to go down the classic route of a bottle of wine or cheese platter, but while generic gifts might hit the spot sometimes, they’re often stored away in a cupboard never to be seen again.

Housewarming Gifts

Choosing a thoughtful housewarming present is about paying attention and thinking of the future.

Whether it’s a friend, workmate or relative that’s just moved into a new home, take time to think about what would be meaningful to them. Do they love entertaining? Perhaps some kitchenware or home decor would be best. 

Are they crazy about board games? Get them something they haven’t tried yet. Do they like things to be nice and cosy? Go for luxury sheets, throw rugs, cushions and other cosy gifts which will help their home feel warm and inviting.

Think about the future of your gift too – is it something they can use and love for years to come? The last thing you want is to load them up with more stuff to figure out where to put in their new home!

Don’t be afraid to ask your friend what they need or want for their new home. 

Sometimes getting a housewarming gift that you really want is more meaningful than a surprise. If your friend says they want a welcome mat, you can still surprise them by the style and design you choose.

What if you’re not sure about their style? We’ve all been in that boat before. Instead of getting a forever-item, choose a classy consumable. Or if they’d appreciate it, offer to help with unpacking, tidying up or repainting.

Ready to get inspired? Here are 10 thoughtful housewarming gifts that won’t be re-gifted or end up in the garage!

Artful tea towels

Looking for a simple but practical gift? Get a set of stunning tea towels by Indigo Love Collectors. Made from 100% linen with stunning designs, these tea towels are so beautiful they could be used as wall hangings. 

Got a few other small gifts in mind? Wrap them up in the tea towel and save on wrapping paper. A lovely way to tie together some small kitchen or food based gifts.

Ceramic mug and tea set

Speaking of kitchen based gifts, a ceramic travel mug is ideal for those who love to drink tea or coffee on the go. Pair the mug with some delicious organic tea, aromatic coffee beans or premium hot chocolate according to their preferences.

Super soft sheet set

Everyone appreciates getting into a bed made with silky soft sheets. Go with white flax linen for a safe option. If your friend has a more quirky style, consider patterned sheets for a more personal touch. 

Woven throw rug

Throw rugs and blankets make the ideal gift in the cooler months. Check out the woven throw rug designs by Pony Rider for inspiration. The quality fabrics and popular geometric designs are sure to be a winner.

Natural body wash & lotion

Giving a set of luxurious body wash and body lotion bottles is a great housewarming gift if you’re not sure what style decor will work well in your friend’s home. Check out the classy offerings from Al.ive Body – perfect for any modern bathroom. 

DUO PACK | Coconut & Wild Orange by al.ive body

Turkish bath towels

There are few things more comforting than climbing out of the bath and sinking into a plush turkish towel. Check out the cute range of pom pom towels by Miss April Towels for something unique.

Occasional chair

If you’re looking for a higher end gift, and you know your friend loves furniture, why not give them an occasional chair? The occasional chairs by Satara furniture are comfortable and stunningly made, like a work of art.

Inspiring wall art

Adding beautiful art to the walls of a new home can help it quickly feel personal and cosy. People can be picky with what art they like on their walls, so make sure you do your research when choosing art. 

It doesn’t just have to be photography or paintings either. Embroidery hoops, macrame wall hangings and even framed tea towels can make great gifts.

Plants & planters

If your friend loves a bit of greenery, why not go for a houseplant in an attractive ceramic or basket planter? If you’re not sure how much space or sunlight their new home has, go for a small plant that can cope with shady conditions such as Devil’s ivy or the ZZ plant.

Cosy candles

Candles are a traditional housewarming gift, but when done right they can help make the new house feel like home. The range of candles by Commonfolk have delicious smells and fun messages printed on the outside meaning you can choose a design that sends the right message to the new homeowner.

Happy shopping and good luck!

Choosing the right gift can be tricky, but don’t get stressed out. Go with something that’s well made and stylish and you won’t go wrong. After all, showing your new home owner friend that you care about them is the most important thing.