Fusion Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Fusion cuisine has been around for quite some time, but recently, it began making its way through home design as well. Before, we knew exactly what we wanted from our home. We wanted it to look modern or traditional, French-style or country-style. Regardless, we still had a style in mind.

But what happens when you can’t decide between two styles? Which one do you pick? The answer to that: none. This is because you will be picking both. Fusion kitchens are a great option for those who want something trendy but cannot decide on a style. 

What Is the Fusion Design?

Fusion design does not particularly have a term or a rule, making it quite difficult to understand the concept. In fact, the main idea of fusion design is to break down the old rules and concepts, combining them to make something new. 

Fusion design does not have to look in a particular way or follow a certain design. If anything, fusion design is the “rebel” that refuses to bend to any rules. “I’m not a modern or contemporary guy but I like the mix, the edginess,” says Paul Raulet for Atlanta Homes. 

Fusion is something different that bases itself on aesthetics. If they look good together, it doesn’t really matter if they are part of the same style or not. At the same time, with fusion kitchens, you do have one rule to keep – and that rule is contrast.

Ideas for Your Fusion Kitchen  

If you are planning to go all fusion on your kitchen, keep in mind that you do not need to follow any rules. Still, here is some inspo:

  1. Concrete Cabinets

How often do you see concrete designs when it comes to cabinets? Sure, you may see it on the floor or the countertops, but that’s about it. Well, this is where fusion design comes in the mix, saying that cabinets can now be concrete. 

“While the concrete benchtop has long been a feature of many kitchens, concrete cabinetry is something more new,” says Lydia Posthuma of Sage Doors. There are various alternatives you can use for cabinetry as well, very often made from concrete-looking melanin.

“Concrete works particularly well in combination with wood grains and solid colors – such as matt black or white surfaces – to create a sleek, contemporary design with a dynamic sense of depth and texture,” Lydia also adds. 

  1. Corner Seating

When putting up your kitchen in a fusion design, you might also want to consider changing the seating. For example, average kitchens would have the searing set in the middle of the kitchen. That being said, you may go a bit off the book by choosing corner seating areas. This way, you can make a cozy booth in your kitchen that will feel pretty much like a living room.

  1. Modern Appliances and Wood Shaker Cabinets

If you are not sure whether you want a modern kitchen or the traditional type, you might want to try mixing both. Get some metallic kitchen appliances and perhaps a black gloss kitchen table – and then get the cabinets in shaker wood style. This will perfectly fuse modern and traditional so that you can have the best-looking kitchen.

  1. Two-Toned Cabinets and Stone Floors

Usually, stone floors are reserved for traditional kitchen designs. However, the fusion style says you won’t have to settle for those norms. Go for natural stone floors, and mix them with two-toned, black, and cream cabinets, for example. You can go for either matte and gloss cabinets, as you will still obtain that fusion effect. 

  1. Green and Grey Cabinets

Fusion style is known for its use of bright colors, so if you want to achieve that look, use green together with a light grey, for instance. Make sure that you follow the proper color combination so that the “aesthetic contrast” remains.

The Bottom Line

Fusion kitchen designs do not care much for rules. You just need to properly mix and match various styles until you get the look that you want. These kitchens are all about letting loose and being unique, so just allow your imagination to go wild. With fusion kitchens, everything is possible, as long as you mix the designs well. Visit https://www.cabinetset.com/ for more kitchen design ideas.