Mark Roemer Oakland Investigates the Differences Between a Studio and One Bedroom Apartment


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, when you have a limited budget for buying a property, your options also get limited between purchasing a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment. However, it’s important to note that there are some key differences between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment and thus, you should understand your requirements clearly to avoid making a bad purchase decision.

The Differences

Here are a few important differences between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment:

1. The floor layout – The key difference between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is the floor layout. A one-bedroom has a separate bedroom that is distinct and separated from the living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. Some one-bedroom apartments may have a combined living room and an open kitchen too. 

A studio apartment doesn’t have any separate bedrooms. It has a single, self-contained space that combines the living room, kitchen, dining area, and bedroom and has a separate bathroom. Some studio apartments that are ‘L-shaped’ may have a separate kitchen area.

2. Size – Generally, one-bedroom apartments tend to be more spacious and larger than studio apartments since they have a dedicated bedroom. That means that you can fit in many more amenities and appliances in a one-bedroom apartment compared to a studio apartment. 

If you are a bachelor that just wants a personal living space, a studio apartment can do just fine. However, if you are married or want to live with your significant other, it can be a more sensible option to book a one-bedroom apartment.

3. Price and availability – The price of a property depends on a lot of factors including its location and size. However, one-bedroom apartments tend to be more expensive than studio apartments in any similar location. Thus, if you are on a budget and want to live close to the city center, it is more affordable to get a studio apartment.

However, people who can handle living outside of the main town often fare better by purchasing a one-bedroom apartment. But in that case, you have to consider the cost of commuting to make sure it was a good decision. 

When it comes to availability, there might be more competition to purchase studio apartments since they are more affordable than one-bedroom apartments.

4. Privacy – The final key difference between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment is the level of privacy. Studio apartments offer no privacy since they don’t have any separate rooms except for the bathroom. Thus, they can serve you well if you live alone and don’t want to invite friends or family members over often. On the other hand, the dedicated bedroom of a one-bedroom apartment offers a certain level of privacy which can come in handy when you have to entertain friends, family members, and other guests. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider all the above factors before finalizing your decision to purchase a new property.