How does a company offering professional cleaning services deal with the kitchen sink?

Cleaning the kitchen sink may be one of the most annoying home chores, but for a company offering professional cleaning services, it’s just another day at work, both literally and figuratively. Below, you will see how such a company deals with cleaning the kitchen sink in detail, in three big steps, as well as the materials they use. As an example, we will use Home & Business Services – a family-owned local company offering their services within a 50-mile radius from the city of Fredericksburg VA. Apart from maid service, they also offer handyman services, turnkey services, and home maintenance.

What tools does a contractor offering professional cleaning services use for cleaning the kitchen sink?

Tools: rubber gloves, non-abrasive scrubber, dish soap, baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, salt;

What steps does a contractor offering professional cleaning services follow when cleaning the kitchen sink?

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First step – Cleaning the basin. The first step is to dispose the kitchen sink of all the items inside it, for example dish racks, coffee mugs, food items. Then, the highly-trained experts will give the kitchen sink a quick rinse, followed by different procedures, depending on the material it’s made of. If the sink is made of stainless steel, baking soda should be used to clean it, instead of bleach-based sprays, which could affect its aspect. On the other hand, if the sink is white, it should be treated with the utmost care: the cleaners will use hydrogen peroxide in addition to baking soda. Last but not least, if the material is porcelain, the rust should be removed by simply sparkling salt on a lemon half and scrubbing it directly, then wash it with warm, soapy water, and use a microfiber cloth to dry.

Second step – Cleaning the faucets and handles. Regardless of the material they’re made of, all faucets and handles can be cleaned with soapy water. The company providing professional cleaning services will use a sponge or brush to wipe them down, and will treat the lime buildup white spots with extra care, before moving on to the last step.

Third step – Cleaning the drain. Last but not least, they will focus their attention on cleaning, or rather clearing or unclogging the drains. They will either use baking soda and white vinegar, or a solution of lemon, salt, and ice. In the first case, they will make a solution of one part baking soda to two parts white vinegar, placing the baking soda down the drain and then slowly pouring the white vinegar over it, followed by hot water 15 minutes later.

“Home & Business Services goes beyond housekeeping and maid services, by offering a complete cleaning solution, including carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and grout restoration, window cleaning, power washing, and air duct cleaning. We clean top to bottom, both literally and figuratively, and use only professional-grade cleaning equipment, and cleaning supplies”, this professional cleaning services contractor writes on its website.