Why Converting Your Loft Is a Good Idea

If you want to add value and space to your home, instead of expanding outwards, consider going up and converting your loft into an extra room or proper storage space for your home.

If you have all of the living space you need downstairs but lack bedrooms and bathrooms, a loft conversion may be the best option for bringing your home into proportion. The majority of loft conversions are done to add an extra bedroom or two, each with their own bathroom. Teenage dens, cinema rooms, and home offices are all common applications. If your home has stunning views, consider relocating some of your living spaces to the new loft to take advantage of them.

Loft Ladder or Stairs

First and foremost, you want to determine how much space you have in your loft and get a rough idea of what the loft can be used for, as well as whether you have the space on your landing to add a new staircase or if you only have space for a loft ladder, in which case you will not be legally able to claim the extra room, but having a properly fitted out storage space will also be extremely beneficial to yourself, and seeing that it has already been completed in your house would be a plus.

Smaller size 

If you have a small loft space, a light-coloured scheme – you can’t go wrong with white – can make a loft room feel larger and lighter, but it must be balanced out to avoid feeling too clinical.

Try pairing lighter colours with warm woods and the occasional soft furnishing in a darker shade to make the room feel cosy and welcoming – this is especially important if your loft conversion is being used to create a guest or spare room.


When planning a loft conversion, it’s critical to consider the size and placement of your windows. As a general rule, glazing should account for 20% of the roof area if you want to maximise natural light.

The shape of the roof frequently influences window placement; for example, a long, shallow room will benefit from windows evenly distributed along its length, whereas a narrow, deeper room will benefit from a single large window.

Office Space

If you don’t require an extra bedroom in the loft but work from home, a home office can be an excellent loss conversion idea for you. To maximise efficiency, a home office should have plenty of natural light, so avoid black-out curtains and heavy materials.

Choose pale blinds in soothing neutral tones that allow light in but reduce glare when closed, allowing you to work productively even as the sun sets – just as important for bright summer days as it is for shorter days in the winter.

Accepting the odd spaces that come with a loft conversion is usually necessary to make the most of it. Inserting shelves or a desk into a tight corner, or having cupboards custom-built to fit a sloped roof, is a fantastic way to maximise space and create a useful storage solution, if possible.

Loft stairs

The location of your loft conversion stairs should be considered during the planning stages. Consider all of your options to make the most of the available space in your loft conversion. Decisions such as where the stairwell door goes, whether at the top or bottom, can mean the difference between a boxy loft conversion and one that is more open.

The loft conversion stairs, on the other hand, should ideally feel like a continuation of the stairs leading from your ground floor to your first storey. The designs should be as similar as possible, including the bannisters, handrails, and paint finishes. Match the carpeting or flooring, mouldings such as skirting, wall coverings or finishes, and even the decor to what you see below. This will help your loft blend in with the rest of the house, creating the illusion that it has always been there.

Loft door

When the proposed space is a single room, it is generally preferable to place the space’s door at the bottom of the staircase rather than at the top to give the new floor a sense of extra spaciousness and openness. Because a door cannot be placed directly on a staircase, it could be placed halfway up a new staircase with a double landing. This creates an open feeling at both the top and bottom of the staircase.


If your loft conversion will include expanded sections, consider whether you want the new façade to contrast or match your current home. Use similar bricks or insert rendering or cladding for a more modern look.

Frameless and minimalist-style windows are ideal for modern homes. If you own a period home and want to add an attic room or loft extension, you may face conservation restrictions, such as requiring windows to be level with the roof.


A loft conversion can be a fantastic way to increase the value of your home, make the most of your space, and add much-needed space, whether it’s a guest bedroom, home office, or games room. We could all use some extra space in our homes, and a loft conversion is a great way to get it.

4 Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Bike

When thinking about buying a new or utilized bicycle, the accompanying tips might demonstrate valuable in narrowing down your decision and discovering the bicycle that is ideally suited for you. These tips are not intended to be totally far reaching as far as the subjects they address, yet rather give a decent beginning stage to realizing what will turn out best for you when you decide to go biking.

  1. Size/Fit

Each body is unique, and bicycles come in many sizes. Tracking down the one that fits you is significant for reasons of solace, yet additionally wellbeing. The principal thing I really take a look at when taking a gander at a bicycle is the “stand over stature” or tallness of the top cylinder in relation to the ground. Stand over stature is significant in light of the fact that A) appropriate freedom while remaining over the top cylinder guarantees more secure riding – in the occasion you slide forward off your seat you will land with your feet fixed on the ground, and not hit yourself on the bicycle! Also, B) if the bicycle outline is the right size for you it will make riding more agreeable and proficient. On bicycles made for street, cyclocross, or track, you need at least 1-1/2″ freedom between your body and top cylinder. On off-road bicycles, cruisers and cross breeds, you ordinarily need” at least 2.

  1. Choose what you will utilize it for

There are as many methods of utilizing a bicycle as there are bicycle riders. It’s not exactly how you will manage your new bicycle that is important, then, at that point, yet how and where. Ponder all parts of your requirements.

  1. Embellishment similarity

Having an eye for detail is a significant expertise when looking for a bike. A decent utilization of that expertise is spotting mounting focuses for things like racks, bumpers, and, obviously, water bottle confines. Likewise, having the option to spot elements of the actual casing that might be either helpful for, or restricting, the decisions you make not too far off to alter your bicycle to your necessities. For instance, as well as mounting spots for bumper stays, check out the space between the tires and the casing or fork. Is there sufficient room to fit a regular bumper? In the event that the appropriate response is no, this doesn’t imply that the bicycle can’t have bumpers, but instead that an exceptional low profile bumper may be ideal, (for example, the “Street Racer MK2” – $60/pair), or a customary bumper might should be altered to fit under the brake span. There are innumerable situations of similarity, so it’s ideal to remember the embellishments you anticipate utilizing if the bicycle doesn’t currently accompany them, and envision how they might be furnished on the bike(s) you’re thinking about browsing.

  1. Support or Maintenance

Spotting mileage on a pre-owned bicycle can be somewhat hard for a few. Things like chain stretch, or drivetrain wear as a general rule, can be hard to check by eye and in some cases require unique devices.

Bikes have progressed significantly in the past 30 years. A huge piece of this change has accompanied the consideration of carbon fiber outlines into the market, which offer the absolute generally lovely and innovative plans that the cycling scene has seen at any point ever. Yet, with that change and with the new innovation, the cost of bicycles has likewise moved towards the sky. Most purchasers need a bicycle that looks quick like a games vehicle, and wind up choosing the edge configuration, shading and appeal to the eye as the main concerns when buying a bicycle.

5 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important part of every home. After your kitchen, bathrooms are the second busiest rooms in a home, especially on weekday mornings when the entire family tries to get ready.

However, it is not just your family that bathrooms need to appeal to. It should also be welcoming and stylish if you choose to invite guests over.

The first impression is important, and bathrooms are among the rooms, which can take care of that. So if you’re tired of the current appearance of your bathroom, use the following ways to improve it:

  1. Refresh or Retile

Old tiles normally drag bathrooms down and can overwhelm buyers when you decide to sell your home. Although retiling is a costly outlay, doing so will greatly impact your home, especially when you have two tiles damaged.

Though if your tiles are in fairly great shape, you can consider refreshing instead. You may choose to tile paint in order to rejuvenate the whole room.

  1. Replace Bathtub

If you have been contemplating replacing your bathtub, be sure to do so. With a bathroom remodel Fort Myers, your bathtub will always take topmost priority.

Whether you want to sell your home or just need to improve the appearance of your bathroom, replacing a bathtub is a perfect investment.

A new bathtub can improve your bathroom experience every time you and your family or friends use it. If you also plan to sell your home, it can fetch you a great price.

  1. Clean It Up

A clear and clean space may give an impression of order, space, and organization. This needs to include every surface in your bathroom.

The mirror area and major bathroom basin are some of the spaces you need to focus on. If they’re covered in soap, hair products, and makeup, ensure you clean them up.

  1. Add a Wallpaper

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot make it have a ‘wow’ factor. Adding wallpaper to your bathroom will be a perfect way to embrace smallness with a little bit of pizzazz.

As a matter of fact, a small bathroom can be a great spot to make a statement in your house. If you’re not comfortable to don the walls in floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, try doing half the walls.

For example, if your bathroom has a beadboard or crown molding running halfway to the walls, you may wallpaper the upper part and paint the bottom.

  1. Include a Wall Art

Treated canvas prints are basically affordable and water-resistant. To have the best visual impact, consider going for oversized proportions.

However, if you are looking for a unique appearance, have a local printer blow up your favorite picture into customized wall art.

A wall gallery with your favorite objects, such as baskets or starfish, may also be a refreshing and personal way to decorate bathrooms walls.

In a Nutshell!

Most individuals dream of having a spacious and vast bathroom with a separate shower and tub and probably a decadent chaise for lounging between soaks.

Whether or not you are living with this dream, you may make your bathroom live to its full potential by considering some of these strategies, if not all.

Here is why Wrought Iron Gates is becoming Popular in Properties

It is common for residential or commercial property owners to fence their property and have a gate for the entrance. Although there are different kinds of raw materials to consider when installing a gate, wrought iron is the best material to consider. We will help you understand why you need to consider the material for your next project. Read n to get more insights on the topic.

6 Reasons to have Wrought Iron Gates

1.   Security

The main reason for fencing a property is security. You need suitablematerial to helpenhance the safety of individuals or assets in the area. Wrought iron gates are the best to deter people from intruding. The material integrates well with other security features like automation of the gate system. It makes the gate more convenient and secure at the same time.

2.   Durability

The alternatives to wrought iron are not durable. Wrought iron can withstand harsh weather conditions. They will not degrade when they get in contact with the elements. In addition, the material is resistant to human damage, making it a versatile material to use in any property.

3.   Improves Property Valuation

A property’s valuation increases when you use the material for fencing. The aesthetic valueof wrought iron is what makes the propertyincrease in value. There isno other material that can rival wrought iron in its appeal and functionality. 

4.   They are Easy to Install

Wrought iron gates are becoming morepopular because they are easy to install. The developers of the gates will usually have ready-made items. They can offer the instructions to buyers for them to install on their own. It will not require much expertise to erect. Having pillars on either side, depending on the size of the gate, will give you the platform to install them.

The gates have a bracket that you screw to the pillars and then mount the gate horizontally.

5.   Require Minimal Maintenance

Purchasing the wrought iron gates will likely cost more than the aluminum or wood alternatives. However, they will last longer and require minimalmaintenance to maintaintheir functionality. You will only need to repaintit when the color fades. Nevertheless,generally, you should regularly scrub with a brush wire and rinse with clean water.

On the other hand, you do not need to replace the entire system when one part has a problem.

6.   Eco-friendly

The manufacturersof wrought iron gates donot negatively affect the environment to develop them. It is not like wooden gateswhere one has to cut down trees. On the contrary, wrought iron gates are reusable as a fabricator can transformthem intosomething else when you do not need them anymore.

Alternatively,youcan sell them as scrap and recuperate some of the money spenton them. The items are highly marketable, and you cannot miss someonewhowants them if you don’t.


If you are searching for the perfect gate or fencing material.Wrought iron is a valuable investment.

Different Types of Drywall Anchors

Choose the right types of drywall fixings that can support the weight of whatever you want to hang on your wall by understanding the different types.

In a typical home, gypsum and paper are used as soft materials for the drywall. While they are strong, they can be easily dented and their strength is insufficient for hanging shelves or other things on them. Hence, drywall anchors are necessary to hang objects on the walls.

You may not need a drywall anchor if you are using a stud finder and able to locate a stud. If you want to hang a heavy item, you need to weigh it before choosing the right drywall anchor. Using the wrong anchor might lead to the drywall screws pulling away from the wall because of overload.

5 most popular types of drywall anchors

There are multiple types of drywall anchors available in the markets these days. Commonly these are categorized as drywall screws for wood, drywall screws for metal etc. Let us discuss the top 5 types of drywall anchors that are more popular and commonly used than the rest. 

  • Drywall anchors with toggle bolts

When you want to hang heavy items on the wall, you will need a toggle bolt. It is important to make sure that you have good bolts that can secure shelves that will bear a lot of weight. Anchors for drywall with toggle bolts are available that can support up to 300 pounds. It is possible for toggle bolts to have higher limits than this, but it really depends on the bolt itself.

  • Drywall anchors with strap toggles

There are several similarities between toggle bolt drywall anchors and strap toggle anchors. Strap toggle drywall anchors are known for their strength. Toggle bolts are used in the same way as strap toggles. They are just used in a different way.

Using a strap toggle, you will attach the strap to it and then implement it as a wall anchor. You can accomplish the same thing with a strap toggle anchor while only making a small hole.

  • Hollow-wall anchors made of steel

Molly bolts are also known as steel hollow-wall anchors in some circles. Whether you call them drywall anchors or drywall screws, these are going to be effective tools for attaching various items to your walls. Anchors that resemble metal casings for screwing into are called drywall anchors. This drywall anchor is exactly what it is designed to do, and it does it extremely well.

  • Self-Drilling Anchors

One of the most convenient kinds of drywall anchors that you can purchase are self-drilling anchors. It shouldn’t be difficult to secure something to the wall once you have one of these readily available. They’re incredibly simple to use. In general, self-drilling anchors can be recognized by the fact that they look like small screws. With the screw, it is easy to drill it into the wall because of the thread on the anchor.

  • Steel Drywall anchors

Anchors that are commonly used for drywall are also made of steel. Steel anchors are generally going to be more durable than plastic ones. This durable metal is used in even the strongest of drywall anchor options, such as toggle bolts. You’ll be able to hang heavier items without stress because the anchor will hold nicely in the drywall.

Hope this blog on the different types of drywall anchors helped you understand some of the basics and differentiate between types of anchors.

10 Features Buyers Really Want in a Home These Days

Even though the real estate market is going pretty crazy in most places across the US, buyers are still picky about what they’re looking for. If they’re going to move, they want it to be in the right place and with the right features. So what are homebuyers looking for these days? Here’s a list of 10 features buyers really want in a home.

#1. Laundry room

No more traipsing out to the garage, down into a scary basement, or to a closet tucked away far from the bedrooms. People want actual laundry room and one that is close to the bedrooms, which makes sense. They want a room where they can fold their clothes, hang close up, and cabinets and storage for towels, linens, and cleaning supplies. Laundry rooms have been a  popular feature in homes these days.

#2. Energy efficient appliances.

Buyers are pretty quick to notice appliances and HVAC systems that are not Energy Star rated. They don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on utility costs and updated windows, doors, and appliances are all a big feature that should be in every home if you plan on selling. They don’t want to incur the extra cost of buying new appliances as soon as they move in.

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#3. Patio or outdoor entertainment space.

“With a lot of us working from home these days and outdoor entertainment space is crucial. We want to be able to get out, enjoy the fresh air, without it being a muddy backyard. A beautiful patio area, seating area, fire pit, barbecue or outdoor kitchen definitely appeals to the majority of buyers.” – Mike Mazzone, Park City Realtor®

#4. Kitchen pantry.

“People want a kitchen pantry that they can walk into. Whether it’s just a simple closet space in a kitchen or a larger room off of the kitchen, this pantry allows space for canned goods, nonperishable’s, and allows for a stockpile of certain items.” –Joe Sisneros, Cave Creek AZ Realtor®

#5. Hardwood floors in the main living area.

Hardwood floors or laminate hardwood floors are becoming extremely popular. Not only are they easier to clean, but they cut down on odor and smell throughout the house, especially if you have pets. However, if buyers don’t love the fact that the home has hardwood floors they can easily throw down a rug and swap it out when they get tired of it, much easier and less expensive than replacing carpet.

#6. Eat in kitchen.

The formal dining room is not necessarily gone by the wayside but and eat in kitchen is a good addition to it. Sure, you’ll enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners at the formal dining room but when it’s just the family or even just enjoying your morning cup of coffee, that eat in kitchen whether it’s an island or a breakfast nook is definitely on the list.

#7. Walk in closet.

“Walk-in closets really didn’t become popular until about the 1990s and since then, are an extremely popular thing for homes. A his and her closet or just a large master, walk-in closet is definitely a plus for homes. We are keeping more of our stuff lately and because a lot of us do work from home, we have extended our wardrobe quite dramatically.” Worthington Real Estate Agent, Drew Laughlin

#8. Extra garage space.

If you can barely fit two cars in or one without having to scoot to the other side to get out, buyers will notice that too. Extra workspace, a little extra breathing room around the cars, or just extra storage is valuable in a home. While this might not be something that sellers can alter, making good use out of the garage space they have is key.

#9. Kitchen island.

Did you know that 48% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a kitchen island? Kitchen islands might not be that expensive but they can add a lot of value to a home. A lot of split entry homes are doing away with the center pantry and replacing it with a kitchen island.

#10. Granite, quartz, or marble… Preferably quartz counters.

Separate tile counters, Formica, and Corian counters are really out and most homeowners are replacing them anyway. Buyers really like granite, marble, and especially quartz. It’s the easiest to take care of and really as a sense of luxury and heightened appeal to bathrooms and kitchens.

While not all of these are things that sellers can run right out and be on buyers lists. Most new homes are being built with quartz counters, kitchen islands, hardwood floors, and of course, energy efficient appliances and materials.

How can the weather damage your house?

Owning a house is a milestone in most people’s lives and it is a milestone that many people work hard to achieve. In the modern era, although real estate prices are soaring, more and more people are trying to achieve their dream of having a home of their own. So, it should be understood that owning a house comes with its own set of responsibilities. If you do not care for your house, you will find that soon you will begin to face problems that can hinder your daily routine and can cost you a huge sum of money. It is suggested that you look around your house frequently to spot any signs of damage. Such inspections should be more frequent in areas that have strong weather frequently. Strong weather is among the most common culprits for roof and wall damage to your house. Finding problems early on can help you fix them most inexpensively and conveniently possible, this is not possible when the problem has grown at which point professional help is required. There is plenty of material present online that can help you learn how to fix small problems and keep up the maintenance of your house. If you want to get professional help to fix a problem in your home or want a professional to inspect your house for any potential damage visit this site to book a session or get more information.

Knowing the different ways weather can end up harming the integrity of your house. Water is the most dangerous thing for a roof or wall. One cause of wall damage is a lack of weather-protective paint. This problem is more common for houses that have a specific side that is forced to bear the brunt of a spell of rain. Rain can slowly break the outer layer of the wall allowing the water to seep in. The damp can get to the drywall inside the wall, and this can be a serious problem as even small amounts of moisture can destroy the integrity of the drywall. This is a very costly proposition that can lead to long periods where your entire daily routine is disturbed due to workers being present. The best way to deal with this is weather-resistant paint. These paints can force the water to slide off instead of getting absorbed into the wall. This way the paints act as a barrier between the rain and the inner wall. This is not a permanent solution so you should keep an eye out for any visible paint damage.

Roofs are also damaged by water. Water can get into small cracks and slowly make them larger. As they get larger more water can get in, increasing the speed of eroding the roof. Given time these can easily become leaks. Hail is also very dangerous. The force of their impact is small when only a single piece of ice is considered but when all the pieces colliding with the entire area of the roof is considered this force becomes considerable. If the drainpipes get blocked during a rain or snow storm it can be disastrous as well. As the snow or rain accumulates on the roof the weight in the roof increases which can be especially dangerous to older roofs which can crack under the pressure. If your house exists in an area where the temperature hovers around the freezing point of water, you may have to face even more problems. The water can get in cracks and freeze and when the temperature rises it can thaw. This continuous cycle can destroy your roof and nearly halve the expected life of your roof on its own.

3 Possible Additions to Your Home

In looking around at your home these days, does it seem as if something may be missing?

If you said yes, any ideas to what you may want to add sooner than later?

By having your home the way you want it, you are much more likely to enjoy the time you spend under your roof.

Is it Time for Some Home Renovations?

In deciding what change you may want to bring to your home, here are three possibilities when adding on:

1. Replacing some of its current features – Are there specific features in the home you’d like to change? If yes, is now the time you will do so? For instance, it may be time to change some of the home’s doors. Keep in mind that doors are not only key for security, but some in the home are also an opening to your outside world. That said you may want a new look and feel with the doors you have. Whether addingsliding doors to your home or another type, go online to see what is out there. You can get a good idea of what might work in your home from looking at brand door websites. Also check with outside family and friends if you can. See what doors they have in their homes and would recommend. Do you have a home security system? If not, you may want to look into adding one. Along with secure doors, a home security system gives you that extra layer of protection. No matter the features you want to change, know you have options if home renovations are coming.

2. Adding on to the property – You might be in a position where adding on to the property is a possibility. That said you may look to add on a room. Such a room could be used for a home office, a newborn on the way and more. Depending on the space you have available, building a guest house on the property might be in the cards. Such a guest house could be put to use for a relative moving in with you such as an older parent. You may decide also to build the guest house and rent it out. This gives you an added source of income to count on. In adding on to your property, see what is doable and what would be in your best interests.

3. Bringing a pet into your home – Have you been longing to bring a pet into your home? If yes, is now the time to proceed with such a move? You want to be sure you have the time and effort to dedicate to a pet of any kind. Yes, some pets need more care than others. That said take the time to consider what you want. Also look to see if you have the right home setup for a pet. As an example, it would be better to have some sort of yard if you want to bring a dog into your home.

In looking at possible additions to your residence, take time to think about it. Then decide what makes the most sense for the place you call home.

Can you repair a roof without replacing it?

When your roof starts to leak, it’s time to consider a replacement. But if you are willing to put in some work and effort, many different types of roofs could have issues with leaks or damaged shingles that can be repaired without having to replace the entire roof. This blog post will show you some easy fixes for common roof problems so that you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof!

When you need a roof replacement, repair, or installation, call roof repair Birmingham Al whether you’re looking to repair or replace your roof. They will help you decide what to do and provide a free estimate so you can get your roof back up and running soon.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: What’s the Difference?

Roof Replacement

When your roof needs repairing or replacing, you’ll find that this process can be rather extensive because you’ll need to remove all of the shingles before installing brand new ones. For a roof replacement, you can expect to have to temporarily remove anything on the roof in order to get at the damaged area – including landscaping, vents, skylights, etc. You’ll also need to consider that your home will be without a roof for several days while the original one is being replaced. A reputable roofing contractor in Birmingham AL can have your roof back up and running in a matter of days.

Roof Repair

Roof repairs are the more affordable than roof replacement because it does not involve removing any part of your original roof. Instead, this process means fixing the damage without replacing any of the materials. This can be a much easier and less time-consuming process that doesn’t require removal or a work stoppage, making this a more convenient option for many homeowners. Most asphalt shingles can be repaired, but keep in mind that this may not always be the best option. Some minor repairs are just fine, while others will need to get replaced.

A leaky roof that requires repair can be an issue for many homeowners, especially if their home needs a complete roof replacement. If you’re curious about what you should do or need to schedule roof repairs then contact Roof Repair Birmingham Al for quality service to get your roof back up and running. Whether that means doing partial reroofing or opting for repair your old roof instead of replacement, the experts are ready to help you with your roofing needs with high-quality workmanship!

Types of Roof Repair

The most common type of roof repair is fixing a damaged or missing shingle. If you have a few shingles that are torn, worn, or missing from your roof, they can be replaced as long as the remaining existing shingles aren’t too worn. If you have tiles, they can be replaced one at a time with matching shingles.

If large sections of your roof need to be replaced, it makes more sense to have a new roof. You can install a completely new roof but this costs significantly more than just repairing an existing one.

If you need a new roof and don’t want to spend more than is necessary, hiring a roofing contractor that offers free roof inspections with any roof installation may be the perfect solution. They’ll let you know what needs to be repaired and give you options for proceeding with any repairs during an examination.

After any repairs are made, you can compare the cost to hire a roofer with your potential savings to repair instead of replacing. You may find that just repairing the existing roof is more affordable than adding a new one to the top of your home.

When Should I Get A Roof Repair?

When should you get a roof repair? If you notice any of the following issues, then it’s time to start looking for a roofing contractor:

  • Cracked, minor damage, peeling, or deteriorating shingles.
  • Dents in your roof decking.
  • Water entering into your home through those cracks or roof leaks.
  • Loose or missing tiles on your roof may cause some tiles to slide off and become missing, posing a potential hazard to those below.
  • Brown stains on your ceiling. This is typically caused by algae growth as a result of the excess moisture in your roof.
  • Your gutters are clogged with debris that may cause water to sprout over the side of your roof and onto your foundation, which can result in serious structural damage.
  • If you notice a large number of missing shingles or tiles, or if you see significant damage to your roof deckings, such as cracks and holes, then it is time to hire a professional.

Roof Repair Costs

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost?

Roof repairs will cost differently depending on the type of repair being done. A re-cover is about half the cost of a tear-off, but not usually as long-lasting. A new shingle job will cost between $300 and $1,000 for every 100 square feet of roofing space.

Roof Repair Estimates

Get An Estimate For Roof Repair!
It’s best to get at least three estimates for roof repairs before you hire anyone. Estimates should include how long it will take the contractor to do the job, what materials they plan to use, and their warranty information. It’s also a good idea to ask for references of any roofers you’re considering hiring, but be sure to get a couple of options for each type of roof repair. Roof repair Birmingham Al provides a high-quality roof repair service that keeps your roof looking great and it keeps you safe from the elements. They offer free estimates with any roof repair.

What Does Emma Raducanu’s New Home Look Like with Her Multi-Million-DollarWinnings?

Emma Raducanu’s name hit the headlines with her triumph at the US open. But what does this multi-million-dollar win look like in a London based penthouse?

There are over 5000 streets in London with an average house price of £1million+. Going from tennis court to suburbs, we have styled Emma Raducanu’s London based home, with her $2.8 million win.

With a multi-million-dollar win, Emma can secure a sleek 2-bedroom split level penthouse, featuring an open-plan kitchen, contemporary living space, with a beautiful mezzanine, private roof garden, and concierge. What a way to unwind after smashing a win on the court, right? On average, a property of this size and spec is on the market at around £1,700,000, leaving £100,000 to kit out the space with the ultimate luxurious items.

With 2 bedrooms you can create a haven of pure luxury. Introducing made to measure curtains encourages a sanctuary of relaxation and rest, perfect for a tennis champion. Adding the ultimate finesse down to the very last detail, a pair of black out, made to measure curtains, incorporates luxurious fabric, pleats, and drop to create a dreamy space, retailing around £450 a pair, increasing with size.You can find the perfect made to measure curtains at Couture Living, with the ability to configure your own pair.

No luxury bedroom is complete without a lavish bed to dive into after a hard day training. Our favourite style features floor to ceiling headboard panels with a divan base, offering style and support. For a king-size bed you would need 4 panels retailing around the £125 mark each, with a luxury, fabric, king-size bed base at £600. Try Rowen homes for some seriously lavish bedroom inspo.

Image Credit: Rowen Homes

‘Alexa, turn on my shower…’

No luxurious penthouse, homing a superstar is complete without a lavish bathroom featuring a free-standing stone bath and walk in shower. With an iSmart system by Aqualisa the ability to control your shower experience start to finish using your voice or smart phone has never been easier. After winning the US open, I think your arms have done enough work… With this contemporary design the bathroom has never felt so good. Is there anything more fitting for a luxury London penthouse? Retailing at £852, there is certainly room in the budget for this.

A marble bathtub? Yes please…

For the ultimate luxurious touch, we’ve found the most beautiful, iconic bathtub, perfect for a tennis champion. Retailing at £14,229, this beautiful London penthouse can feature a free standing, sophisticated, luxurious marble bathtub, with easy to clean, low maintenance features. Being unique to each consumer, the marble bath is made specifically for you making no two products the same.

Image Credit: Riluxa

It’s no secret Emma Raducanu has been partying with some of the globe’s biggest A-listers, as we’ve seen her walk the red carpet at The Met Gala in NYC. We’ve delved into the luxury entertainment spaces kitchens can provide, welcoming the new list of celebs found in her phonebook.

Featuring statement lighting as seen on luxury home décor and interior retailer Buster & Punch, no kitchen / living space is complete without it. An industrial style cascade chandelier made from solid metal and using LED bulbs is the perfect fit. We are creating a NYC style, luxurious ‘loft’ style apartment here with pairing dimmer switches for ambience in matching solid metal. This style is perfect for an 18-year-old finding her feet in the city, and entertaining. For such a statement piece in your home you’d be looking at spending around £3850.

Taking the kitchen space to the next level we have selected the perfect brass, pull bar cabinet hardware designed with complementing your interior features in mind, from the cascade chandelier to the switches. We are using detailing here to create the very foundations that will create a coherent look overall, perfect for a London penthouse. Aesthetically aligning the lighting, switches, and hardware will speak volumes for this superstar penthouse. Retailing at £74 per pull-bar, we estimate using the average kitchen size needing 30 pull bars, amounting to £2,220.

Nothing completes the look of a London penthouse apartment without lavish bathtubs, floor to ceiling headboards, pendant lighting, and luxurious curtains. What better way to escape city life and tennis championships than a home filled with pure comfort and luxe.