What Does Emma Raducanu’s New Home Look Like with Her Multi-Million-DollarWinnings?

Emma Raducanu’s name hit the headlines with her triumph at the US open. But what does this multi-million-dollar win look like in a London based penthouse?

There are over 5000 streets in London with an average house price of £1million+. Going from tennis court to suburbs, we have styled Emma Raducanu’s London based home, with her $2.8 million win.

With a multi-million-dollar win, Emma can secure a sleek 2-bedroom split level penthouse, featuring an open-plan kitchen, contemporary living space, with a beautiful mezzanine, private roof garden, and concierge. What a way to unwind after smashing a win on the court, right? On average, a property of this size and spec is on the market at around £1,700,000, leaving £100,000 to kit out the space with the ultimate luxurious items.

With 2 bedrooms you can create a haven of pure luxury. Introducing made to measure curtains encourages a sanctuary of relaxation and rest, perfect for a tennis champion. Adding the ultimate finesse down to the very last detail, a pair of black out, made to measure curtains, incorporates luxurious fabric, pleats, and drop to create a dreamy space, retailing around £450 a pair, increasing with size.You can find the perfect made to measure curtains at Couture Living, with the ability to configure your own pair.

No luxury bedroom is complete without a lavish bed to dive into after a hard day training. Our favourite style features floor to ceiling headboard panels with a divan base, offering style and support. For a king-size bed you would need 4 panels retailing around the £125 mark each, with a luxury, fabric, king-size bed base at £600. Try Rowen homes for some seriously lavish bedroom inspo.

Image Credit: Rowen Homes

‘Alexa, turn on my shower…’

No luxurious penthouse, homing a superstar is complete without a lavish bathroom featuring a free-standing stone bath and walk in shower. With an iSmart system by Aqualisa the ability to control your shower experience start to finish using your voice or smart phone has never been easier. After winning the US open, I think your arms have done enough work… With this contemporary design the bathroom has never felt so good. Is there anything more fitting for a luxury London penthouse? Retailing at £852, there is certainly room in the budget for this.

A marble bathtub? Yes please…

For the ultimate luxurious touch, we’ve found the most beautiful, iconic bathtub, perfect for a tennis champion. Retailing at £14,229, this beautiful London penthouse can feature a free standing, sophisticated, luxurious marble bathtub, with easy to clean, low maintenance features. Being unique to each consumer, the marble bath is made specifically for you making no two products the same.

Image Credit: Riluxa

It’s no secret Emma Raducanu has been partying with some of the globe’s biggest A-listers, as we’ve seen her walk the red carpet at The Met Gala in NYC. We’ve delved into the luxury entertainment spaces kitchens can provide, welcoming the new list of celebs found in her phonebook.

Featuring statement lighting as seen on luxury home décor and interior retailer Buster & Punch, no kitchen / living space is complete without it. An industrial style cascade chandelier made from solid metal and using LED bulbs is the perfect fit. We are creating a NYC style, luxurious ‘loft’ style apartment here with pairing dimmer switches for ambience in matching solid metal. This style is perfect for an 18-year-old finding her feet in the city, and entertaining. For such a statement piece in your home you’d be looking at spending around £3850.

Taking the kitchen space to the next level we have selected the perfect brass, pull bar cabinet hardware designed with complementing your interior features in mind, from the cascade chandelier to the switches. We are using detailing here to create the very foundations that will create a coherent look overall, perfect for a London penthouse. Aesthetically aligning the lighting, switches, and hardware will speak volumes for this superstar penthouse. Retailing at £74 per pull-bar, we estimate using the average kitchen size needing 30 pull bars, amounting to £2,220.

Nothing completes the look of a London penthouse apartment without lavish bathtubs, floor to ceiling headboards, pendant lighting, and luxurious curtains. What better way to escape city life and tennis championships than a home filled with pure comfort and luxe.

7 tips for finding a reliable personal injury lawyer in Syracuse

Life is unpredictable in so many ways. If you were injured in an accident in Syracuse, you could claim compensation for your injuries. The accident could be a dog bite, a botched-up surgery, or even a slip-and-fall accident. New York is one of the dozen “no-fault” insurance states. This means that an injured person will typically file a claim with their insurer, regardless of who caused the accident. The compensation is meant to cover medical bills, income loss, and other losses. If you are hiring a Syracuse personal injury lawyer for your case, here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Consider years in practice. How long has the attorney been practicing in NY? This is probably the most relevant question that you can ask. Experienced attorneys can always offer some assurance on the outcome. 
  2. Specific experience is critical. The aftermath of a car accident can be very different than that of a dog bite. You need a lawyer who has enough and specific experience with similar cases. Ask the attorney if they have worked on cases that are comparable to yours. 
  3. Discuss compensation. If you have sustained serious losses and there was another party at fault, there are limited circumstances when you can file a direct personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer can offer an overview of the expected compensation so that you can evaluate your options. 
  4. Ask about their fee. Usually, injury lawyers in most states work on a contingency fee. The lawyer gets paid if they win a financial settlement for you. There could be variations to this, but you need to ask the attorney about their fee. 
  5. Discuss other expenses. The lawyer will have to spare resources to investigate the case and gather evidence. Ask the attorney if they can advance these costs for now so that you don’t have to deal with additional stress.
  6. Check reviews. If a lawyer claims great things about their work profile, they must have enough clients. While you can ask for references, independent online reviews are always useful and worth checking. 
  7. Ask about availability. Many attorneys may assign the work to other lawyers and associates of the firm. You may want to know if the lawyer is available in the first place, and if they intend to designate the case to someone else, you need to meet that lawyer. 

Check online for top personal injury law firms in Syracuse now.