10 Features Buyers Really Want in a Home These Days

Even though the real estate market is going pretty crazy in most places across the US, buyers are still picky about what they’re looking for. If they’re going to move, they want it to be in the right place and with the right features. So what are homebuyers looking for these days? Here’s a list of 10 features buyers really want in a home.

#1. Laundry room

No more traipsing out to the garage, down into a scary basement, or to a closet tucked away far from the bedrooms. People want actual laundry room and one that is close to the bedrooms, which makes sense. They want a room where they can fold their clothes, hang close up, and cabinets and storage for towels, linens, and cleaning supplies. Laundry rooms have been a  popular feature in homes these days.

#2. Energy efficient appliances.

Buyers are pretty quick to notice appliances and HVAC systems that are not Energy Star rated. They don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on utility costs and updated windows, doors, and appliances are all a big feature that should be in every home if you plan on selling. They don’t want to incur the extra cost of buying new appliances as soon as they move in.

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#3. Patio or outdoor entertainment space.

“With a lot of us working from home these days and outdoor entertainment space is crucial. We want to be able to get out, enjoy the fresh air, without it being a muddy backyard. A beautiful patio area, seating area, fire pit, barbecue or outdoor kitchen definitely appeals to the majority of buyers.” – Mike Mazzone, Park City Realtor®

#4. Kitchen pantry.

“People want a kitchen pantry that they can walk into. Whether it’s just a simple closet space in a kitchen or a larger room off of the kitchen, this pantry allows space for canned goods, nonperishable’s, and allows for a stockpile of certain items.” –Joe Sisneros, Cave Creek AZ Realtor®

#5. Hardwood floors in the main living area.

Hardwood floors or laminate hardwood floors are becoming extremely popular. Not only are they easier to clean, but they cut down on odor and smell throughout the house, especially if you have pets. However, if buyers don’t love the fact that the home has hardwood floors they can easily throw down a rug and swap it out when they get tired of it, much easier and less expensive than replacing carpet.

#6. Eat in kitchen.

The formal dining room is not necessarily gone by the wayside but and eat in kitchen is a good addition to it. Sure, you’ll enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners at the formal dining room but when it’s just the family or even just enjoying your morning cup of coffee, that eat in kitchen whether it’s an island or a breakfast nook is definitely on the list.

#7. Walk in closet.

“Walk-in closets really didn’t become popular until about the 1990s and since then, are an extremely popular thing for homes. A his and her closet or just a large master, walk-in closet is definitely a plus for homes. We are keeping more of our stuff lately and because a lot of us do work from home, we have extended our wardrobe quite dramatically.” Worthington Real Estate Agent, Drew Laughlin

#8. Extra garage space.

If you can barely fit two cars in or one without having to scoot to the other side to get out, buyers will notice that too. Extra workspace, a little extra breathing room around the cars, or just extra storage is valuable in a home. While this might not be something that sellers can alter, making good use out of the garage space they have is key.

#9. Kitchen island.

Did you know that 48% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a kitchen island? Kitchen islands might not be that expensive but they can add a lot of value to a home. A lot of split entry homes are doing away with the center pantry and replacing it with a kitchen island.

#10. Granite, quartz, or marble… Preferably quartz counters.

Separate tile counters, Formica, and Corian counters are really out and most homeowners are replacing them anyway. Buyers really like granite, marble, and especially quartz. It’s the easiest to take care of and really as a sense of luxury and heightened appeal to bathrooms and kitchens.

While not all of these are things that sellers can run right out and be on buyers lists. Most new homes are being built with quartz counters, kitchen islands, hardwood floors, and of course, energy efficient appliances and materials.

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