Different Types of Drywall Anchors

Choose the right types of drywall fixings that can support the weight of whatever you want to hang on your wall by understanding the different types.

In a typical home, gypsum and paper are used as soft materials for the drywall. While they are strong, they can be easily dented and their strength is insufficient for hanging shelves or other things on them. Hence, drywall anchors are necessary to hang objects on the walls.

You may not need a drywall anchor if you are using a stud finder and able to locate a stud. If you want to hang a heavy item, you need to weigh it before choosing the right drywall anchor. Using the wrong anchor might lead to the drywall screws pulling away from the wall because of overload.

5 most popular types of drywall anchors

There are multiple types of drywall anchors available in the markets these days. Commonly these are categorized as drywall screws for wood, drywall screws for metal etc. Let us discuss the top 5 types of drywall anchors that are more popular and commonly used than the rest. 

  • Drywall anchors with toggle bolts

When you want to hang heavy items on the wall, you will need a toggle bolt. It is important to make sure that you have good bolts that can secure shelves that will bear a lot of weight. Anchors for drywall with toggle bolts are available that can support up to 300 pounds. It is possible for toggle bolts to have higher limits than this, but it really depends on the bolt itself.

  • Drywall anchors with strap toggles

There are several similarities between toggle bolt drywall anchors and strap toggle anchors. Strap toggle drywall anchors are known for their strength. Toggle bolts are used in the same way as strap toggles. They are just used in a different way.

Using a strap toggle, you will attach the strap to it and then implement it as a wall anchor. You can accomplish the same thing with a strap toggle anchor while only making a small hole.

  • Hollow-wall anchors made of steel

Molly bolts are also known as steel hollow-wall anchors in some circles. Whether you call them drywall anchors or drywall screws, these are going to be effective tools for attaching various items to your walls. Anchors that resemble metal casings for screwing into are called drywall anchors. This drywall anchor is exactly what it is designed to do, and it does it extremely well.

  • Self-Drilling Anchors

One of the most convenient kinds of drywall anchors that you can purchase are self-drilling anchors. It shouldn’t be difficult to secure something to the wall once you have one of these readily available. They’re incredibly simple to use. In general, self-drilling anchors can be recognized by the fact that they look like small screws. With the screw, it is easy to drill it into the wall because of the thread on the anchor.

  • Steel Drywall anchors

Anchors that are commonly used for drywall are also made of steel. Steel anchors are generally going to be more durable than plastic ones. This durable metal is used in even the strongest of drywall anchor options, such as toggle bolts. You’ll be able to hang heavier items without stress because the anchor will hold nicely in the drywall.

Hope this blog on the different types of drywall anchors helped you understand some of the basics and differentiate between types of anchors.