Why Should We? The Hidden Benefits of Home Renovation

Throughout our lives we achieve many milestones. Whether that’s graduating school, getting your driver’s license, marriage or children- each accomplishment is subjective to that individual yet in no way is it less remarkable than any other. Included in the string of lifetime milestones is the world of property. Becoming a homeowner, whether that’s rented or bought, is considered one of the biggest accomplishments you can achieve. Owning property is a huge investment both financially and emotionally, as the pressure to sustain not only the building itself but create a space that has the essence of a ‘home’ is added pressure for anyone- no matter your personal circumstances. Amongst the process of owning a home comes the notion of home renovation. Often, we seek change in the most functional aspects of our lives- and our home is no exception. Enhancing and changing your home to suit your ever-growing needs is completely understandable- however one thing that deters people from doing so is the cost aspect. Here at We Buy Any House we have divulged into the hidden benefits of home renovation- with the hope of persuading you into starting that fabulous renovation project you have been withholding. 

Benefits of Home Renovations:

It Improves Mental Health:

The phrase ‘home is not a place but a feeling’ applies here. You could have existed anywhere in the world, but once it starts to feel like a home, then it immediately becomes a home. In your current property, you want to create the feeling of peace when you step foot through the front door, and this is where home renovation comes in. Throughout the pandemic, people turned to home renovation to make their home uniquely theirs and restore feelings of warmth and peace in the home. Making your home feel exclusive to you is a great way to improve your mental health and make the space somewhere you feel excited to return to.

It Adds Value:

You may think that your home is worth an infinite amount of money- but the price determined by an estate agent may come as a shock. In the competitive market that is property, it’s important to ensure that your house is growing with the property market, rather than against it- and home renovations are a great way to do this. Although they may be somewhat costly, renovation projects are an effective way to add value to your property, and therefore make it more desirable to not only for you but also if you are thinking of putting it on the market. 

 Keeping Up with Trends:

As your home becomes older, you may find its beginning to look slightly outdated. It may sound obvious, but home renovations are a great way to keep on top of home trends and fashion projects. Despite a surge of houses being built in the boom, most properties are relatively old- and therefore have an aesthetic that isn’t necessarily current. Home renovations enable you to not only keep up with trends.

It’s Cheaper Than Moving:

The subheading speaks for itself. More often than not, people think a fresh start is the best solution, and will begin to look for a new property on a whim. However, this isn’t always the most financially savvy thing to do, and instead you should look at the financial difference between moving and renovations. Moving house requires a lot of financial security and expenses that can be paid upfront, whereas when it comes to renovations, this can be an ongoing project that you can complete in due course. It’s worth looking at the differences between moving and renovation projects, as you could ultimately stay in the comfort of your own home but have a modernised and rejuvenated space.

Things to Consider Before You Renovate:

Consider Return on Investment:

When considering undertaking a renovation project, it’s important to consider the return on investment (ROI), as you want to ensure that the changings, you’re making to your property will have some long-term benefits. You will need to consider how the quality of the work carried out has affected the property, structural changes and future purpose of the property.

How Location Effects It:

It’s all well and good option to make changes to your property, however you need to consider how these changes are impacted by the current location of your property. The location of your home will ultimately decide whether the changes you are making to your home are appropriate, and whether they will make a difference to the price of your property. Your geographic location will be the biggest determining factor of whether you will have paybacks from these projects.

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