Do I Need Radon Testing in My House?

Many times people underestimate the harm radon can cause to your health. It is the leading cause of lung cancer. 

Random comes from the decay of uranium and radium. These are generally found in the soil. The decay is then released into the air, which can cause cancer. Radon is odor, taste, and colorless. Therefore, radon testing in Bridgewater, New Jersey, is the only way to find out if radon is in your house.

How is radon testing done?

  • You can either let a professional do the testing, or you can buy a DIY kit. 
  • Radon testing is easy to perform and should be done with all the doors and windows closed. If you are using a DIY kit, you can follow the instructions and send the tests to the laboratory. 
  • If you hire a professional tester, they place a tester on the lowest floor of the house. If you live in a single-floor room, it is kept in the room used the most. 
  • However, the method depends on the company you hire.

Advantages of radon testing:

  • Reduce in moisture – The moisture buildup in your walls and soil reduces after you take preventive measures to protect radon. Deduction of radon can remove up to half a gallon of water from the foundation of your walls or soil underneath your basement.
  • Improves health – Reduction in humidity can help your health get better in various ways. The growth of radon can cause the growth of mildew and dust, which leads to allergies, infections in the lungs, and asthma. The primary health hazard is lung cancer.
  • Help in sustaining the environment – As there will be a decrease in humidity, you will not need dehumidifiers anymore. This will reduce your electricity bill causing benefits to the environment.
  • Reduces cost – Testing for radon is affordable. Mainly if you use a DIY kit, it will cost you very little and save money that would have been spent on your health later.
  • Upgrades home value – If you take measures to eliminate radon from your house before you think of selling it, it will increase the value of your home. As your home will be radon-free, you would not have to agree to any negotiations by the buyer.

Additionally, if you smoke and your house has radon, your risk of having lung cancer increases. Make sure you do a radon test even if your home does not have a basement. If you have symptoms like tightness in your chest, cough, or sore throat that does not get better and keeps coming back, get your house tested as early as possible.

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