What Can New Construction Painters Do to Help Complete the Project?

From houses to apartment buildings to structure for retailers or municipal purposes, the creation of new structures will mean painting that must be completed. There’s quite a bit that new construction painters can do to help bring this type of activity to fruition. Here are some of the ways that the professional painting contractor and crew will make a difference.

Provide Suggestions for the Type of Paint Used

As the construction continues, there will be time to think about paint colors, textures, and finishes. This provides the perfect opportunity for a painting contractor to make recommendations based on the intended use of the space. 

This involves more than recommending the use of paint that’s suitable for outdoor facades and interior spaces. It’s also about identifying how much sheen the new owners want for those parts of the structure. There’s also the matter of making choices that will be easy to clean and happen to hold up well as the years pass. The goal is to select paints that are functional as well as attractive. Doing so ensures the paint will still look great when the owner decides to make changes to the color scheme in the years ahead. 

Structure a Painting Schedule That Fits With Continued Construction Efforts

There will likely still be some construction going on in certain parts of the new building. In order to coordinate efforts, it may be possible for the painting crew to begin work in areas that are finished. The best way to determine if this is the case is to work closely with the construction contractor and come up with a viable schedule. 

For example, it may be possible to concentrate on rooms found in the front part of the new building while the construction continues in the back area. As each room is painted, it’s easy enough to determine if moving on to the next one will not interfere with any remaining construction that must be done. This approach will help hasten the date when the new building is ready for occupancy. 

Ensuring the Walls are Cleaned and Prepared

Before any painting can be done, the crew will look closely at the space and determine what cleaning must be done. Unlike painting older structures, there’s not much chance that the painting team will need to address dings or flaws on any surfaces. Instead, the focus will be on making sure the surfaces are free of any dust or grime. 

Once that’s done, the painting crew can take care of any taping or other advance work that needs to be done. This will ensure that when the equipment and supplies arrive, everything will be ready for the team to apply the primer and ultimately the number of coats required for each area. 

Identify All the Painting Supplies and Equipment That Will Be Needed

Thanks to the careful inspection and the advance planning, there will be no doubt about what sort of supplies and equipment will be needed. From the basics like brushes and rollers to the use of ladders, scaffolding, and sprayers, everything can be set up to arrive on the first day, or to be deployed as the painting progresses. 

The goal is to make sure that the painting crew never has to wait for any supply or equipment to arrive at the site. By anticipating what needs to be done next, it’s easy to ensure all essentials are in place at the time they will be used. 

Build Time Into the Schedule For Potential Delays

The potential for delays is ever present. Factors outside the control of the construction crew as well as the painting crew could mean that the work doesn’t progress as quickly as hoped. For this reason, it’s good to create a painting schedule that makes some allowances for possible delays.

For example, the weather may be less than cooperative on the day that the new construction Painters Perth are slated to begin preparing the exterior walls. There will be no option other than to delay the exterior painting and focus on something else. If there is some area of the interior that’s ready to paint, it may be possible to concentrate on that room and hope the weather is better tomorrow. 

Communicate With the Building Contractor Throughout the Process

The flow of communication between the construction team and the painting crew does not end before the project is completed. In fact, there will be regular check-ins to determine if everything is on schedule, ahead of schedule, or if the schedule needs to be revised. While this line of communication will be primarily between the two contractors, it’s also possible that personnel on each crew may aid in the process. 

Doing so accomplishes several things. Among them, it’s easier for the members of each crew to go about their tasks without slowing the other down. There’s also an established line of communication to draw on if anything out of the ordinary happens. Thanks to the ability to communicate, it’s easier to resolve issues before they can have a significant impact on the building project. 

Inspect the Painting As Each Phase is Completed

As the painting crew completes one area of the new building, they will take the time to inspect their work before moving on to the next space. They will check for any imperfections that may be present, such as uneven painting around a window frame or lines that are not perfectly straight. 

Once the team is sure that the painting is complete and there’s nothing that needs correction, they can move on to the next section. Even after they are done with the first round of painting, another inspection of the entire building will determine if anything else needs to be done. 

Ensure That the Painted Spaces are Left Clean

Through it all, the painting crew will pick up after themselves. This helps to keep clutter to a minimum and ensure the final cleanup is much easier to manage. As equipment is no longer needed, it can be removed from the site. The same goes for empty paint cans and other supplies that have served their purpose. 

As with the inspection, every area is checked for equipment or supplies that were not removed earlier. The result is that everything is left clean and tidy. This ensures that laying any carpeting or managing finishing touches on the floors can be done with ease. 

There are more ways that the construction painters can add to different types of new building projects. Sitting down with the contractor and going over the specifics of each project will make it easier to plan accordingly and ensure the work is always ready to move forward. 


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