Bruce D. Strebinger Identifies the Best Luxury Fixtures to Boost Investment Value 

A Vancouver, BC-based entrepreneur with a career that spans roughly a quarter of a century, Bruce D. Strebinger specializes in the construction and sale of multifamily residential housing. Among his other areas of expertise, he has developed a thorough understanding of the specific household fixtures and decorative elements that are worth the investment.

Bruce D. Strebinger knows just what it takes to develop and sell a residential property. Furthermore, he knows that little finishing touches, such as choosing just the right luxury fixtures and features, can make a tremendous positive difference when it comes to maximizing sales figures and ultimate ROI.

 Bruce D. Strebinger’s Diverse Real Estate Expertise

 A native of Vancouver, BC, Bruce D. Strebinger is a veteran leader in the local real estate market after helping to finance and develop countless homes throughout the area. But much of his industry expertise is generally applicable wherever homes are bought, sold, and lived in.

 In addition to his comprehensive investment, money management, and housing development skills, he pays particular attention to the minor details that can make an oversized impact on his financial bottom line. He realizes that these details can ultimately make the difference between success and failure in the highly competitive real estate sector.

 Fixtures and Fittings That Can Add Value to Virtually Any Home

 Drawing upon his decades of experience in the residential real estate sector, Bruce D. Strebinger has identified the luxury fixtures, fittings, facades, and other embellishments that provide the most bang for the buck when it comes to final ROI. Going the extra mile on every detail will inevitably destroy your bottom line, so prudent housing developers will concentrate only on the most vital. The four elements below are a great place to start!

 1.) Bathroom Fixtures – Make no mistake about it: high-quality bathrooms sell homes. And if you’re looking for a flashy and effective way to spruce up a bathroom without spending a fortune, you just can’t beat a luxury plumbing fixture or fitting.

 2.) Lighting Fixtures – You can enhance any room with any décor by choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures. Whether they make a bold, eye-catching statement or subtly blend with the other elements in the room, the right wall and ceiling lighting can cast your entire home in a better light.

 3.) Carpets – If you can’t tempt prospective buyers with a highly desirable hardwood floor, a luxurious wall-to-wall carpet is a dramatic and cost-effective way to improve the overall appearance of your home’s interior. Use it to make living spaces softer, cozier, and more welcoming.

 4.) Entry Doors – Of course, when it comes to welcoming people into your home, you can’t overlook the portal that they come through! Your entry door should be the focal point of your exterior façade. In addition to attracting visitors with the right aesthetic, a steel door can provide extra security and stability Bruce D. Strebinger explains.

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