Best Practices for Commercial Janitorial Services

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You want your office, restaurant, or any other commercial space to look sharp and clean. Nowadays most people choose to hire the services of a commercial cleaning company instead of hiring permanent cleaning staff. To get your place cleaned by professionals you can search for  “cleaning services near me”. Let’s check the best practices for commercial janitorial companies:

The Details

1. Excellent contact – A reputed commercial janitorial service would always have excellent contact for your needs. The contact would be well versed in the details of your contract and would make sure that all your queries as a new client are answered properly. Commercial janitorial services usually have very talented people as contacts since they don’t just address your concerns but also recommend great solutions according to your changing needs. 

Commercial janitorial services usually have their contacts dedicated in shifts. That allows you as a client to reach out to either of your designated contacts at any time of the day via text, email, or phone call. They address any issues or concerns that you may have during the commercial cleaning and after your property is cleaned. They also provide great solutions for one-time deep cleanups and periodic cleaning sessions. 

2. Well-trained staff – Good commercial cleaning companies always try to meet the highest standards possible. That’s why they employ professional cleaning staff who have been trained thoroughly to do an excellent job. The employees are well-trained and screened. The staff is also trained to do their cleaning duties without damaging expensive equipment and items in your commercial space. 

These employees know how to clan and provide proper sanitation. Good companies also have ongoing training for their employees to meet their standards and adopt certain practices. For instance, if a cleaning company is an early adopter of a special sort of cleaning tool that isn’t common in the market, they train their employees to use it properly. The same goes for the cleaning supplies. A commercial janitorial company would always try to send staff that impresses you with their first visit. 

3. Use best-in-class equipment – This is a practice that is adopted among the best cleaning companies. Technological upgrades and advancements are the norms for any industry, including the cleaning industry. A good cleaning company would always upgrade its equipment and get state-of-the-art cleaning tools and equipment to stay ahead of the game. Apart from providing you with a better-quality service these equipment upgrades also provide numerous benefits to the cleaning company.

Upgraded equipment usually brings great efficiency and higher quality cleaning and manages to pull it off with a reduced environmental impact. This helps the cleaning company to do their job quickly without sacrificing quality and depending on the state, the cleaning company may also get tax breaks and other benefits. 

4. Consistent janitorial bids – A good commercial janitorial company would also have consistent pricing. They will be able to assess your property and quote you a price accurately. Inexperienced or shady cleaning companies can’t do this or are not willing to do this. That’s because inexperienced cleaning companies who are newer to big buildings and complex industries would have a hard time accurately quoting a bid. 

When they get to the job, they often find that they have undercharged for the service and try to make it up later by adding extra fees for services you don’t even need. On the other hand, shady companies often try to play pricing games with you. They use fuzzy math to confuse you and keep you from assessing what you get for the dollar. A good company will always provide you with a clear and detailed bid.     

5. They want feedback – After a cleaning company has cleaned your commercial space, they have several channels to collect feedback. They are very eager to know about your satisfaction level and also look for criticisms to improve their quality of service. A good cleaning company would either directly ask you a few feedback questions after the service or send you a survey link. 

Some companies go above and beyond to collect feedback after several days and may even reward you with redeemable credit for valuable constructive criticism. Instead of trying to get the most money for the least amount of work they always strive to improve themselves to retain their existing clientele and grab new clients more easily. These feedbacks also serve another purpose as customer reviews and testimonials to attract new clients. 

6. Health and Safety standard – The best commercial cleaning company doesn’t just make your place look clean but also ensures that it is actually clean and sanitized. They make your place the kind of clean that can’t be assessed with the naked eye but make your place on par with the standards of a health facility. A workplace that’s as clean as a health facility keeps your employees motivated and productive. 

Great commercial cleaning companies train and educate their employees about the in and outs of bacterial and viral spread and teach them how to properly disinfect and sanitize certain surfaces. That also includes industry-standard and time-tested practices of storing and using cleaning chemicals in a safe way. These companies always try to switch to more environmentally friendly products and machinery like low-noise vacuums to protect you and your staff from health risks.

7. Background checks and Insurance – Commercial cleaning companies also make sure to get all the necessary insurances required to protect their clients in case of a mistake. They also hire their employees very carefully. Good cleaning companies usually conduct three-level background checks including local, state, and federal before hiring their employees. They also check their criminal record and cover them with employee insurance so that you are legally protected. Shady companies usually try to skimp the cost by hiring undocumented employees who may not be traceable after an incident.   


Now that you know all about the best practices for commercial janitorial services, you’d know what to look out for when you hire one. To get your office or commercial space cleaned by professionals, search for “cleaning services near me”.

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