Handy Explains How to Keep Your Bedding Fresher for Longer


According to Handy, slipping into fresh bed sheets after a long day at work can be one of the most comfortable and relaxing feelings that you can experience. In fact, clean and crisp bedding can improve the quality of your sleep too. However, many people find it a challenge to keep their bedding fresh consistently which, no doubt, prevents them from enjoying a satisfying slumber.

The Steps

Here are a few steps you can follow to keep your bedding fresher for longer:

1. Regularly wash your bedding – According to statistics, most people tend to wash their bedding only once every 2-7 weeks. And, only 30 percent of people opt to wash their bedding at least once a week. 

The type of bedding you have would indicate how to wash it but generally, a cold wash is adequate to make them feel clean and fresh. Ensure you wash them separately from other laundry and always use a good-quality detergent that offers long-lasting freshness. You can choose to add a fabric conditioner to improve the softness if needed. 

Also, ensure you wash your mattress topper, pillows, and duvet too. And, to create an allergen-free environment, ensure you wash the bulkier stuff at least twice a year. It would help you to get rid of dust mites, dead skin deposits, and dirt that have penetrated deep into the fabric.

2. Ensure you thoroughly dry the bed linen – Drying your bed linen quickly and properly after washing them is crucial to ensure they smell fresh and don’t pick up any odors. You can use a dryer or dry the linen outside; whichever suits you. However, it is important to ensure that the linen is bone-dry before storing them. When using a dryer, you can soften up the fabric and reduce static by adding a tumble dryer sheet.

3. Make sure to iron the bedding properly – Ironing your bedding will complete the final stretch of drying needed before storing and also allow you to fix any wrinkles and make the surface smooth. After completing the ironing process, you must fold the bed linen properly before storing them to maintain optimal freshness for use later.

It’s also important to have extra sets of bed sheets for bedding since it would allow you to rotate between fresh bed sheets while you are washing the old ones.

4. Remember to air your bed – Make sure you air your bed between bed washing days to keep it smelling fresh and prevent the formation of bad odors or dampness. It is also a good idea to air your mattress, although not regularly since that is impractical. A quick and easy solution is to rotate or flip the mattress every month or so.


Handy suggests you invest in good-quality bed sheets such as the ones with 100 percent cotton to enjoy a soft and luxurious feel. Since cotton is breathable and hypoallergenic, cotton sheets tend to stay fresh for longer and are also suitable for sensitive skin.

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