Double vs Sink Kitchen Sinks – Pros and Cons

Buying the right kitchen sink is about finding a product which fits in with the general style of the kitchen and contributes to the theme, it is also about selecting a sink which is the right size for the space and for how you will generally use it. Beyond the materials, the price and the finish of your sink however, you are going to have to choose first between a single or a double sink. To help you select the right choice for your kitchen, these are the pros and cons between each of these kitchen sinks.

Pros and Cons of Single Kitchen Sinks

One of the most common reasons for the purchase of single kitchen sinks is to fit in a smaller kitchen, given the fact that they take up less space than a double. Whilst this can mean that you are more restricted with regards to using the sink, it does ensure that you can maximise the limited space which you have inside the kitchen. Another advantage of single kitchen sinks is that they are often lower cost given the fact that less material is used in their production. And finally you may find that you have access to a wider range of material choices when you buy a single kitchen sink. For example ceramic kitchen sinks very rarely feature more than one bowl.

There are of course some disadvantages here such as limitations when using the kitchen sink, not being able to separate clean and dirty dishes. Additionally drying dishes means that you will be taking up additional counter space, which can be challenging in smaller kitchens.

Pros and Cons of Double Kitchen Sinks

For those with the space to do so, buying a double kitchen sink makes the most sense from a space and usage point of view. Double kitchen sinks most frequently feature a main bowl and a second, slightly smaller bowl. This is ideal for washing and drying dishes at the same time, as well as being able to prepare food at the bowl whilst having dirty dishes in another. The space which a double sink gives you means that you can add dividers to maximise the functionality of the sink. There is no doubt that a double sink gives you maximum flexibility to separate the clean from the dirty, the glassware from the crockery and even contaminated plates from the rest.

There are some negatives of a double sink which we should explore however, which could influence your decision. For example washing large pots can be challenging because of the divider between the two bowls. Additionally you will require more counter space to install this kind of sink, which is simply not an option for many homeowners.

Ultimately the choice between which kind of kitchen sink you buy is going to come down to how much money you are looking to spend, what kind of material you want for your sink and, most importantly, how much space you have to play with inside your kitchen. Weigh up these options before you finally decide on your new sink.

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