There are Several Homeowners that Could be Underinsured

With the prices of home renovations and building materials rising coupled with skyrocketing market values there are many homeowners around the nation that may be underinsured.

It is said that the cost of rebuilding a home is somewhere around $36,000 more than it was in 2020. This is according to the results of a study compiled by the company Lendingtree, a large mortgage entity.

The last few years brought a series of crazy and unexpected events in many different areas of the real estate realm. Some huge changes to the market as well. Homeowners insurance was also an industry seeing major changes over the last couple of years. One huge contributing factor is the rapid and steep incline of home value.

In general homeowners insurance is calculated upon an estimate of what it would cost to rebuild a home. When a home value increases this will increase the cost it takes to rebuild a home as well as the increase in material cost. So there are many homeowners out there insured for home values of the past not realizing this coverage is now inadequate for today.

It is smart for every homeowner to check their home insurance coverage on a periodic basis to ensure that they have enough coverage should they need to rebuild their home. It is also a good idea to make sure that everything on your property is covered as you may be unaware that your policy does not cover a certain area of your property. For example, if you have any outbuildings like a large shed or a barn, you want to make sure that these things are covered within your plan.

Along with a steep incline in property value, there has also been a surge of homeowners adding to their homes. One of the most popular ways in which homeowners have decided to add to their property is with the building of accessory dwelling units in the form of sheds and tiny homes to create space in a much more budget-friendly way than the current renovation costs of adding onto a home.

There is an increasing number of people not only with higher home values but with larger amounts of homes to insure. Whether it is from adding to the home, adding an accessory dwelling unit, or even just upgrading. Many of these popular accessory dwelling units are being used for office space to work remotely while still feeling like you have your own office. The surge in remote work caused many people to realize that their homes may not hold enough space for all the functions that they needed to do there.

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Every single home has had a change to its fair market value and as such, every homeowner would be wise to doublecheck their homeowner’s insurance coverage to make sure that they have plenty of insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding as well as making sure that every area of their home has coverage. You do not want to find yourself in a disastrous situation only to discover that your insurance will only go so far and you now need to cover the costs to completely get back to “normal” out of your own pocket.

Matt Davies Stockton Finds Ways to Get the Most from Your Bedroom Space


According to Matt Davies Stockton, it is possible to intelligently arrange your bedroom space to make the most out of it. Such a practice can be extremely beneficial for people living in small apartments or small bedrooms.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to get the most from your bedroom space:

1. Invest in multipurpose furniture – One of the best ways to make your bedroom space more efficient is to invest in multipurpose furniture since it will help to save valuable space. For instance, you can choose a desk with many drawers that will provide extra storage options for personal as well as office supplies. A bed with under-storage space or a bed with drawers is also recommended since it would allow you to store linens, blankets, pillows, and more for different seasons.

2. Make use of vertical space – You can open up a ton of storage and decor possibilities when you start to make use of vertical space instead of horizontal space. It also helps you to save valuable floor space and keep things looking cleaner and more organized.

Installing vertical floating shelves can be a great way to replace your bookcase, nightstand, laptop desk, or even the entry table by the door. Plus, they would also allow you the option to store additional items. For instance, you can store hampers or baskets or even a pouf or stool underneath them.

3. Ensure proper lighting in the space – Proper lighting is essential in a bedroom to make the most out of it. Without proper lighting, it can be hard to navigate the bedroom space. Plus, inadequate lighting can also make your bedroom look unattractive no matter how much time and money you spend on the decor.

We recommend you design or arrange your bedroom space in a way that lets in as much natural light as possible. Thus, ensure you don’t mask the windows with large and heavy drapery. Only use the blinds or curtain when you need to. Also, ensure to arrange the furniture in a way that doesn’t block the natural light.

Finally, invest in high-quality layered artificial lighting solutions such as LED lights for proper nighttime visibility. You should install proper ambient lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting solutions for different use-case scenarios.

4. Prevent clutter – It is essential to keep your bedroom neat, organized, and clutter-free if you want to keep it functional and attractive. Thus, it is important to keep the bedroom floor clean and keep your wardrobe, cabinet, dressers, and nightstand organized at all times.

5. Make some room for plants – Adding some greenery into your bedroom space can make it look livelier and fresher. Houseplants can also absorb foul odor from the bedroom space and make it more appealing.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you invest in a big, body-length mirror and position it properly to reflect the light coming in from your bedroom windows. Large mirrors create the illusion of a bigger room and also make the space more appealing.