Front Door Fittings: A 3-Step Guide

A beautiful home needs a great first impression and stunning front door fittings can help you achieve just that! Here is our 3-step guide to choosing your perfect front door and how it can enhance your home:

Step 1: Getting the essentials right

Firstly, security is paramount when choosing the right security door installation and so the fitting of a lock is a vitally important consideration. Make sure your lock always conforms to British Standard BS3621 requirements and be aware that not all locks are suitable for all doors. For example, a standard mortice lock is incompatible with a UPVC door so if you’re unsure make sure you double-check with your supplier. Additionally, a handy trick is to check with your home insurance provider who can provide guidance on the best locks they would recommend for your home. 

Secondly, selecting the right letterbox is fundamental when choosing your front door fittings. Alongside being a fabulous design statement, the design of letterboxes is becoming increasingly important with energy prices and the cost of living rising as they’re potentially a large opening through which all the heat in your house can escape. Draught-proofing is a really easy and effective way of increasing your energy efficiency and helping your home to retain its heat. Moreover, an internal letterbox cover is an additional security benefit against prying eyes and arms. 

Finally, clear signage and numbering are fundamental but often overlooked when selecting front door fittings. With the number of home deliveries we all have massively on the rise, making sure your home is easily identifiable by its front door can save the potential aggravation caused by missed deliveries or errant post. Besides, far from being a purely functional feature, signage is a great opportunity to show off your personality and flair with different fonts and colours. Think of how iconic the signage on the door at 10 Downing Street is for example!

Step 2: Choosing the right finish for your fittings

Picking the right material for your front door requires weighing a number of environmental, cost and security concerns. The four main types of door material in the UK are timber, uPVC, aluminium and composite with each varying by cost, lifespan and the amount of maintenance each demand. The material of your door will always be crucial when considering the finish of your door fittings as the two should naturally complement each other. 

The finish and material of fittings have a dramatic effect on the aesthetic appearance of your front door. With everything from brass, bronze and black to pewter and steel the choice can be overwhelming. Largely, it depends on the type of property as a traditional cottage may suit a more classic bronze or brass style whilst a modern flat would probably suit a Scandi-inspired matt black or chrome silver. Crucially, consistency is key so you want to make sure the fittings are the same (or similar) finishes throughout the entire door. 

Finally, your exterior door is a separate entity that doesn’t necessarily have to be joined up with the theme of the interior doors of your home. Whilst interior doors are more likely to have a conservative design, with your exterior front door there’s a great deal of scope to create a unique and distinctive design feature. If you want some inspiration check out the Georgian-style doors of Dublin, Ireland which are beautiful examples of how exterior door fittings and design can be a winning feature of your home!

Step 3: Add something special

When choosing the fittings for your door adding a really stunning accessory can create that wow factor that makes your door stand out and gives it that luxury feel. Decorative door knockers are a great example of this and many companies such as ironmongers G John’s & Sons offer lots of beautiful designs such as their lion’s head knocker, Tudor knocker or blacksmith design in a range of different finishes. Similarly, beautiful escutcheons or letterboxes are further options for elevating a front door’s design. 

Alternatively, modern technology can be a really interesting addition to a front door with numerous smart doorbells now on the market and even keyless or fingerprint scanning locks becoming increasingly available. The Ring smart doorbell is the most widely used of the new technology at the moment and offers a camera on your external door, motion sensor technology and a two-way talk feature to improve the security of your home. It serves as an interesting design feature for the tech-savvy and can enhance the practicality and safety of your exterior door. 

Lastly, something so simple as a beautiful coat of paint can make your front door special. Whether it’s bold, vivid colours or a simple, classy design the appearance of your front door doesn’t always need expensive fittings – just the cost of a paintbrush and a tin of paint. 

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