What Type Of Paint Should I Use In My Bathroom?

The bathroom is an excellent space to paint. It is a smaller space in the house, so changing the color of the paint can be quick and easy. In just a few hours, you can have a new look! What kind of paint should you use for your bathroom?

Consider Moisture

A bathroom can’t be dry, and a painted wall can become a problem. Even if you take every precaution to ensure that there is no water splashed on the walls, the steam from the bathtub or shower can still cause moisture problems.

Consider the ease of wiping your walls

Due to moisture, bathroom walls can develop dripping, brown spots. It’s unsightly. It’s not attractive. The right finish is key.

Avoid using flat finishes in bathrooms as they can absorb moisture and make it difficult to clean. Flat finishes should be used in areas that are not frequently needed.

Eggshell finishes can be wiped more easily, but are not recommended for areas that are prone to moisture.

Satin finishes have a glossy finish and are great for bathrooms with low moisture, such as a powder room.

Semi-gloss finishes are water repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

High-gloss paint repels moisture well and can be easily wiped clean. It doesn’t look great on large surfaces like walls. Semi-gloss should be reserved for walls, but it can be used on trim and on your bathroom cabinet.


Paint manufacturers have been trying to make paints that work in all rooms of the house, even those with moist bathrooms, for a while. This is done by adding additives to make the paint more water-resistant and durable. For example, antimicrobial additives resist mold.

You don’t need to be dependent on the paint’s finish when purchasing paint with additives that resist moisture. Some matte finishes can handle high-moisture areas.

Select the right primer

Apply a moisture-resistant primer to your ceiling and walls before you paint to prevent peeling. This simple, but crucial, step will prevent you from having to do frequent touch-ups.

Which bathroom paint color should you choose?

Did you know that the color can affect the reflection of your bathroom mirror? That’s right. It can make it hard to get ready for the day if you choose the wrong color. This problem is often solved by choosing neutral colors, such as whites, pastels and grays.

Make sure you are properly prepared

If mildew is already present on your walls, it doesn’t make sense to apply mildew-resistant paint. Thoroughly clean the walls before you start painting. Use a mixture of water and bleach to remove any mildew.

To ensure that your new paint stays on the walls, prepare it with painter’s tape and drop cloths.

This post was written by a professional at St.Pete Home Painters. St.Pete Home Painters is a locally-owned and operated painting company. For 15 years, we have been serving St.Pete residents with painters and contractors who are ex-firefighters who specialize in residential, commercial exterior, and interior painting. We work closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction when it comes to pricing and scheduling. Click here to learn more!


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