What Goes into the Process of Managing a Fire Damage Repair?

Recovering from a recent fire is more complex than many people think. Certainly, cleaning up will be a big part of that process. In addition, managing the fire damage repair will also be somewhat involved. Here are some of the elements that will deserve attention. 

Deciding What Can be Salvaged

In spite of the damage caused by heat and smoke, there are some things that can be saved. They may require deep cleaning, but a team of professionals will know how to do that. You may be surprised at how they can take care of issues like smoke damage and leave you with more belongings than you thought possible. 

In some cases, the restoration can take place on-site. At other times, belongings will be transported to facilities for deep cleaning. They can be held in storage until the place is ready for use again. 

Responsibly Disposing of the Rest

There’s a good chance that some things will be impossible to save. Even so, they won’t end up in a landfill. Many professionals who handle restorations after fires have ways to dispose of items by means of using chemicals or incineration to finish what the fire started. This means you don’t have to worry about anything that cannot be salvaged, posing a threat to anyone else. 

Decisions to dispose of some items are never made without careful scrutiny. If there’s any possibility of salvaging something, rest assured the team will try. You can bet that when they say something is beyond help, it really is a total loss. 

Keeping the Place Secure While Structural Repairs Are in Progress

Part of fire damage repair is undoing any structural damage that occurred during the incident. This may mean having to replace sheetrock, damaged floor joists, or a number of other parts of the structure. While the repairs are in progress, some areas will be restricted to professionals only. 

This is for your safety. The goal is to prevent you from being injured due to the current state of any one area of the building. Once the repairs are made, and that part of the structure is sound again, you will be free to enter. 

Help With Preparing the Insurance Claims

There will be more than one aspect of the insurance claims that will need attention. In many cases, the policy will cover aspects of the cleanup, replacing lost furnishings and other articles, and even the costs of structural repairs. In order to provide the information for the claim, help from the restoration service is essential. 

Along with images of the damage, there are also details about the damage that help to build the case. Professionals understand what providers want in the way of details. That increases the odds that your claims will be approved without any delays. 

Don’t feel as if you have to face the aftermath of fire alone. Call in a team of professionals who can assess the damage, oversee the cleanup, and determine what can and cannot be saved. With their help, you can restore the home, replace what was lost, and begin to get things back to normal. 

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