Bonita Stone – Natural Stone – Classy Ways To Go All Natural

When you compare synthetic or man-made flooring choices to natural materials such as Perth Natural Stone, they are simply incomparable. They not only look incredible, but they are exceptionally hard-wearing, stay cool underfoot and remain resilient under the toughest climatical conditions. If you are looking for ways to incorporate natural stone into your home, this post is for you. Here are some classy ways to go all-natural with stone.

What are the benefits of choosing natural stone?

Natural stone has been used for archaeological landmarks throughout the ages, and it is an elegant and strong material. Here are some benefits of choosing natural stone over other materials:

  • Unique colour and pattern formations

Unlike mass-produced man-made materials, natural stone is just that – natural! Each cut of stone is entirely unique, and no two pieces are alike.

  • Hard-wearing and durable

Natural stone is very durable and long-lasting and a front runner when it comes to longevity.

  • Sustainable

As natural stone is naturally formed by nature, the use of synthetic materials is not required making it a sustainable choice. This means you won’t have any toxins or chemicals leaching from the product, and it will last for centuries without the need for replacing, reducing landfill.

  • Classy and timeless

Natural stone ages sublimely and remains classy and timeless over the years, which cannot be said about the latest trend tiles or pavers that will be outdated in the next few years or so.

  • Value for money

While natural stone may be more expensive to buy upfront, it lasts much longer than a lot of other materials 

which can save you money in the long run.

  • Easy to look after

If you have taken the time to seal your natural stone when it was installed, it will need very little upkeep over the years.

  • Comes in various finishes

Regardless of your design preferences, natural stone comes in a multitude of finishes. Some of these include honed, tumbled, or sandblasted.

Classy ways to add natural stone to your home

Natural stone can be incorporated into both the interior of a home and the exterior. Here are some popular ways to create a feature using natural stone:

Stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding can be used to create a feature both inside and outside of a property. Our premium wall cladding here at Bonita Stone is made using the highest quality stone, and it comes in a variety of colours, styles and sizes. Some popular ways to install it are as a feature wall, around a fireplace or fire pit and on retaining walls.

Travertine pavers

Travertine is known as the fancy paver. It has a luxurious appearance and is hard-wearing and strong. Travertine boasts variances in textures, colours and formations and each piece is unique and one of a kind. It can add warmth and sophistication to any space, and it looks phenomenal when installed around swimming pools and as flooring. The colours are subtle and not overbearing, meaning it ties in with virtually every style of home.

Our travertine is top of the line and imported from the finest European marble stone.

To get the most from your travertine, we suggest sealing it every 3 years or so to protect it from the elements and external contaminants. This will ensure it retains its beautiful appearance and structural integrity for many centuries to come.

Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers are sought after as they look great, and unlike some other pavers, they don’t get hot when the sun is bearing down on them. This means you can walk on them in the middle of summer, and they will remain cool underfoot! Like travertine, limestone comes in a variety of colours and textures. Limestone can make a statement when used around a swimming pool, for an entertainment area and in bathrooms.

When choosing your limestone, it’s important to check its quality. If it is cheap and of low standard, it will simply crumble over time, and it will not last.

Limestone is versatile and can be used for virtually any application. If you want to use it around your pool, you need to make sure that it is salt tested and non-slip. Aim for a non-slip rating of P4 or more.

If you have a small area that you are paving, we recommend using a lighter-coloured paver to create the illusion of space. Using a darker paver may make the space look even smaller.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone pavers are very strong and can be used for a variety of applications. It has a beautiful appearance that can vary from greyish blue to grey depending on the lighting. This stone can be used for both interiors and exteriors.

As they are darker, they are good at hiding stains and don’t mark as easily as some other types of pavers. This makes cleaning and maintaining them a breeze. Popular uses include as a kitchen flooring choice, entertainment areas and driveways.

As bluestone is especially hard-wearing, it makes a great paver choice for high-traffic areas. It can withstand these conditions with ease without affecting the look or integrity of the paver. If you choose bluestone, ensure it has a high non-slip rating, especially for exterior applications where it will commonly be in contact with rain. It can be dangerous if it doesn’t offer good traction when wet.

Natural Stone is a winner when it comes to classiness!

Whether you have a contemporary home, coastal, federation or something in between, natural stone works well in every style. It can add dimension, texture, warmth, and elegance to any space.

While your furnishing and fixtures may outdate, your natural stone won’t. It can be styled to evolve with your design preferences over the years and will most certainly stand the test of time.

You can’t beat natural stone when it comes to classy construction materials. If you are looking to enhance your home with natural stone, whether it is on the floors or walls, the team here at Bonita Stone can help. We specialise in beautiful stone pavers and cladding and are paving professionals ourselves with more than 30 years experience in the paving industry. We know a thing or two about paving and we would be happy to answer your questions.


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