How to Share a House with an Ex

Going through a breakup is difficult to say the least. Often, when you’re in a relationship that is long-term, you begin to envision sharing milestones of your life with your significant other. For many of us, this involves moving in with our partners and sharing a property with them. However, the world of love is crazy, and often once we move in with our partners and make a commitment to a house (whether that be rented or with a mortgage deposit), our relationships don’t go to plan. In a worst-case scenario for many people, living with an ex is a nightmare. But financial commitments mean that sometimes we don’t have the choice. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to share a house with an ex.

Things to Consider Before We Start:

It’s Not Going to Be the Same:

Although you may be living together, things are definitely not going to be the same. Its important to remember that you don’t have the same rights in your current situation as you did when you were in a relationship and living as a couple. Yes, you may live together, but you don’t have the same rights. For example, if you used to expect your partner home at a certain time, those same expectations cant be put in place here.

How to Successfully Share a House with Your Ex:

Set Clear Boundaries About Finances and Behaviour:

As soul legend Aretha Franklin once said, it’s all about respect. Therefore, it’s important that you establish boundaries with your ex, in two spheres: finances and behaviour. Its vital that you both respect each other and abide by the other person’s wishes (as long as they are not outlandish), and when it comes to money, that you both have a diplomatic approach that is sensible.

Don’t Force Yourselves to Talk:

Just because you are in a situation where you live with an ex, doesn’t mean you have to force the small talk between you both. Therefore, sometimes silence is the best option. Sometimes small talk wont fill the awkward tension between you both, and you should just let the atmosphere fizzle out.  

Don’t Drink Together:

In emotionally charged situations, we all know that drinking alcohol can just be a way for pent up emotions to come out- regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. Therefore, its probably not a good idea to get drunk with your ex while you still live together, as this could potentially bring about a very awkward situation.

Sleep in Separate Bedrooms: If you’re not a couple, then there is absolutely no reason that you should be sharing a bed with your ex. Enough said!

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