How Often to Paint the Interior Rooms of a House

Interior painting is a must-have task for any homeowner. It’s a tedious task that can be done quickly and efficiently by hiring someone.

Below is a list of rooms in your home, and when you should paint them.

Painting the Kitchen and Bathrooms

These rooms are often painted first and most frequently. These rooms are the most visited. Because of this high level of traffic, painting these rooms doesn’t last as long as other rooms in the house.

Interior painting Denver professionals recommend using more durable paints for these rooms. For example, a kitchen with a pearl or satin-finish finish is recommended. These rooms will need to be repainted every 3-4 years. Good ventilation will allow some humidity to escape, which will prolong the time between each painting.

Homeowners may notice cracking in the walls or drywall screws popping out of the wall as the house settles. These problems are not paint issues but should be addressed before you start your next painting job. These items should be mentioned to your painter. They should also do a complete wall analysis before any painting begins.

Bedrooms for Adults and Children

Adult bedrooms tend to have a longer paint life than children’s rooms.

Many children’s bedrooms double as playrooms and are subject to a lot of abuse. It’s a good idea to use high quality paint with a higher shine. This can be discussed with your painting company. While it’s fun to experiment with bright colors, you should use durable and long-lasting paints. The kid’s bedroom should be painted more frequently than the other bedrooms. We recommend painting it every 2-3 years.

Painting the Living Room and Dining Room

The living room is a busy space, but it doesn’t mean that you must paint them as often.

Many times, dining rooms can be converted into study areas, second activity rooms, or offices. You can change the function of your room by repainting and repairing any wall damage.

We recommend painting the living room every 5-7 years, and the dining area every 7-10 years.

Hallways & Corridors

Walls in a house are the most worn and damaged. These are the most frequent walking areas. You can cause damage by touching the surfaces, carrying items, or banging on them with animals, people, and guests. There will be scuff marks, finger marks, and possible cracks and dents below the surface. These walls can be washed if the paint was washable or high-traffic high-gloss. However, they must be repaired and repainted as often as possible.

We recommend that you keep your corridors clean and repainted every 2 to 3 years.


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