How Much Are Buyers Agent Fees in Brisbane? 

Don’t be afraid to call in a buyer’s agent, especially if you’re short on time, lack local knowledge, or simply need to buy a Brisbane property fast.

A property buyer’s agent will do all the heavy lifting for you, from researching different suburbs, finding the perfect property, and even negotiating the right price. Plus, here at Hot Property buyers agency, our services extend beyond settlement day. Our expert Brisbane Buyers Agency aims to be the best buyer’s agent Brisbane offers by also providing property investment consultation and property management services to help you get the best returns possible from your investment property. 

When working out the value proposition of a buyer’s agent fee, it’s essential to realize that the benefits to a home buyer/investment property buyer include much more than just saving money. 

We often find our clients remarking that when buying a property with a buyer agent, the savings in stress, effort, time and, yes, even money (Did we mention we have professional negotiators?) far outweighed the cost of the buyer’s agent fees. 

But with that said, there is no set model for our buyer’s agent costs.

Typically, we charge an engagement fee or retainer at the start of the buyer agent process and then request that balance upon the contract going unconditional or the settlement of the property.

These buyer’s agent engagement fees are a flat fee and usually between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on the scope of work required.

The final fee is a portion of the purchase price, also known as the success fee, and is usually between 2-2.5% + GST or a sliding fixed fee model, depending on what was decided at the start of the property purchase process. 

A word of caution is to be wary of any buyers advocate agency that charges monthly ongoing “search fees”. This means the agent is incentivized not to perform (that doesn’t sound like fair trading to us) and should be avoided at all costs. 

Paying to buy a property might seem a bit confusing at first, but once you realize the incredible benefits of finding the right property, you will understand why this is a highly sought service in the real estate industry.

Please contact our Brisbane buyer’s agent team today if you’d like to find out more about our fee structure, the greater Brisbane property market, or to enquire about our buyer’s agent service.

For more information about investing property at Brisbane see out website Hot Property Buyers Agency in order to get some tips for buying the best properties.


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