Vital Steps for Installation of Water Filters

Do you believe that clean kitchen water is necessary? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have access to clean, tasty water right at your kitchen sink? Installing an under-counter water filtration system that could be customized to meet your needs and provide you with water that is safe to drink and cook with is one option.

Pick the ideal filtering system for your requirements

This may be achieved by obtaining a sample of water and having it examined by a licensed business that performs water evaluations. There are distinctive water delivery systems in each community. You might need to handle a significant chemical content or bacterial count that others do not. The water filter installers may offer to build a system for you based on the findings of your water test, but keep in mind that they will want you to buy a system from them.

Steps for installing water filter

You will be guided through the installation procedure by the installation instructions that come with your system. It will list the equipment requirements for the installation. It should be noted that this article advises you to employ a licensed plumber in your region because installing plumbing may be challenging and should be left to an expert.

Step 1: Turn off the tap for supplying cold water to the faucet in your kitchen sink. To avoid any reflux from the hot water system and other fixtures, it is a great idea to turn off the main house water and drain your system to a position lower than your kitchen.

Step 2: Attach your new in-line filtration system to the kitchen sink cabinet’s underneath back. Normally, the filtration system comes with all necessary mounting hardware. Important Make sure the filter system is mounted with adequate vertical space between the filter and the cabinet base so you may unscrew, drop, and replace the filter cartridges.

Step 3: The flex connector tube that connects your cold water shutoff valve to your faucet should be 3/8″ compression thread at the shutoff valve and 1/2″ IPS at the faucet. We utilize a standard measurement called IPS, which stands for Iron Pipe Size. Screw the 1/2″ male using 3/8″ compression thread adapters that come with the filter. You will therefore have a 3/8 compression male after screwing the 1/2″ IPS thread in to filter housing.

How to Increase the Value of your Home with Shower Conversions

Why are homeowners considering tub to shower conversions more frequently? There is no denying the popularity of this bathroom renovation project. People are more aware than ever of the advantages that are available with such a transformation. Homeowners desire to make the switch for three major reasons. Some people want more protection for their children and themselves. Some people are changing things because they have to because someone in the house has to be able to access the bathroom with its entire amenities more easily. Lastly, some people desire to increase the value of their houses.

Enhanced Safety

Are you aware that the toilet is the scene of over 60% of injuries sustained within the home? More precisely, the majority of these injuries occur while a person is trying to enter or exit a bathtub. Ironically, a lot of these people don’t want to bathe. They would be attempting to climb over the edge to use the showerhead that is mounted on the wall.

Homeowners who convert their bathtubs to showers immediately reduce their risk of harm when it’s time to clean up. It is not necessary to try to step past anything to open the doors, and they open with ease. Instead, the flooring frequently includes non-slip surfaces, and there are also handles on the unit’s side and doors to make entering and exiting the unit a breeze.


When it comes to cleaning, some people require an easy fix. Stepping across a tub is not only tough, but it is also not practical. While everyone has a probability of sliding, senior family members frequently have a higher risk of falling due to the layout of the bathroom. It might be challenging for people with impairments to utilize these facilities without major obstacles.

Instead, it is made simple by the tub to shower conversions. When it’s time to go to the restroom to clean up, no one else is required to be present. It is relatively simple to open the door & enter without falling over or exhausting any particular body part. Because they can move about their own houses and start taking care of essentials without assistance, many people can keep their independence.