Ehud Sharir’s career in real estate

Ehud Sharir has been a phenomenal realtor in the past 5 years. His agency has overseen the sale and purchase of over 200 houses in the United States. This massive feat has spurred enquires from many wishing to understand how Ehud Sharir rose to such prominence.

We were able to get home of Mr. Ehud Sharir to give us insights on all things real estate and in this article we will be sharing everything with you.

First of all, it would impress you to know that Ehud Sharir became a real estate agent in 2017. Six years down the line and he has built a great agency.

According to Ehud Sharir the main function of real estate agents is to work with their clients to sell, rent or buy real estate (houses, offices, lands, etc). Ehud confirms that understanding the key role of real estate agents will help you better understand then benefits of hiring one.

As such, the benefits include.

  1. Administrative duties – Answering emails and phone calls. Creating appointments, updating properties on appropriate listings. Order supplies and the rest.
  2. Research duties – According to Ehud Sharir real estate agents run market analysis, stay in the trend of best practices and are always on the look out for new listings.
  3. Marketing – this is the last function of a real estate agent and Ehud Sharir believes it’s one of the most important. Here real estate agents create promotional pieces, maintain a unique social media presence online, they also do everything possible to network with people who’d be potential clients.

“Most people don’t even know what real estate agents are supposed to go when selling properties.” Ehud Sharir confirms. According to him, when a seller puts their property up for sale, it’s their duty to contact Ehud Sharir or any real estate agent. Now, Ehud Sharir has to use their experience in the field to run a market analysis of the property and determine a reasonable value which will attract the right buyers.

Ehud says, “When working with sellers, real estate agents carry out these functions. They are able to prepare very comparative market research analysis in a bid to give you a standard asking price. This is not something you can do for yourself, unless you’re a realtor.”

Ehud Sharir also states that identifying the assets that standout as a properties selling point is something real estate agents do.

“They’ll help you stage the property in a bid to make it very appealing and then photograph it in and out before listing on local multiple listing services.”

Finally, Ehud Sharir reiterate that it’s the real estate agents job to advertise these properties and get lots of attention from buyers. They then schedule meetings and prepare sales documents and sell off.

When it comes to working with people who want to buy properties, Ehud Sharir went on to give a detailed breakdown of what to expect from your real estate agent.

“We usually call a real estate agent who helps you buy properties a ‘buyers agent. States Ehud Sharir. The functions of these buyers agent is go coordinate open houses, fix meetings with people looking to buy properties, get a feel of what they want from their potential new property. Ehud goes on to say that these buyers agent will schedule dates which they use to show prospective buyers available properties. They then run negotiations and draft documents and standard contracts before closing.

Ehud Sharir finally shares that if you must hire a real estate agent whether as a seller or as a buyer, there are certain things you must look out for. “You don’t want to hire a realtor without proper license. There’s nothing wrong in requesting for one. This is why most people work with agencies.” Ehud Sharir states. With this, any real estate agent you come in contact with without the right license won’t be able to help you as they should. Also, they are usually connected and know the market well which is why they get hired.

With Ehud Sharir’s industrial expertise, it’s obvious that his words are gem to the ears of many who look to him as a game changer in the industry.

Acquiring real estate is a wonderful investment for life and when done right, you can make a fortune or atleast live in your dream home. Don’t mess things up by trying to do things on your own. Get a qualified real estate agent instead, as Ehud Sharir as advised.