The Ultimate Guide to Buying Outdoor Blinds

Spending time outdoors as much as possible is part of the Aussie DNA, which makes things like outdoor blinds a staple in homes. Whether you enjoy hosting barbecues, reading a book on a lazy weekend afternoon or simply spending time with the kids, they can make a huge difference. And through all these scenarios, there are a couple of things that must be considered: One, protecting yourself from the sun; and two, sheltering yourself from wind and rain during bad weather. 

Whether you are installing outdoor blinds for the first time/ upgrading existing ones, there are always some things to consider. There are a great many options in the market, which can make it understandably confusing to know which to go with. Doing some research in advance can help ease the process, which is what this article will aim to do. 

Below are some of the most common questions people have had in relation to outdoor blinds. Have a read-through for a bit more knowledge on the subject overall.

What are outdoor blinds called?

While this might seem like an odd question, they can be known under different names. This is because there are different types of outdoor blinds that need to be distinguished from each other. Each has its own traits, ranging from looks to functionality. This means that no matter what your requirements are, you are bound to find something that fits. 

For instance, Alpha SRS blinds are one type of outdoor blind. Then there is the Zipscreen. The Watson Xtreme is another. As you can see, there are different variations. Getting to know them will help when narrowing things down.

Do outdoor blinds stop rain?

Yes, they do, however this does depend on the type of outdoor blinds you opt for. If you specifically need your outdoor blinds waterproof, then be sure to convey this. For the most part, outdoor blinds are typically built to be resistant to the sun and its heat/ glare. If you want your outdoor coverings to keep out rain, then you need them tailored to be so. Outdoor blinds now come in a range of fabrics designed for various purposes. Just bear in mind that waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing.

Can you see through outdoor blinds at night?

This entirely depends on the type of material you choose for your outdoor blinds. When opting for fabrics, each has its own unique weave. This determines the level of transparency you can expect. You will find that many will give you a decent amount of view-through during the day, while blocking outsider views in. At night, if lights are on then there could be visibility from the outside in. However, how much can be seen is again dependent on the fabric. Some will only show silhouettes and shadows, while others will show more. 

What blinds are best for patios?

Outdoor blinds for patio coverage is highly subjective as everyone’s needs are different. To help determine what is right for you, it helps to answer the following:

  • Whether you want to shade or completely enclose the space
  • Budget you are working with
  • Whether you want a fixed or retractable solution
  • Climate of the area you live in; e.g: is it very windy?
  • Motorised/ manually operated

There are outdoor blinds that can help enclose larger spaces, however outdoor blinds for windows can help provide specific shade too. This is a great option for windows that face a lot of sun, yet do not have the flexibility for any other type of covering.

Are outdoor blinds worth it?

100%! In fact, once you have them installed you will probably wonder how you got by without them before. They really are a game-changer, and can help cool your home down during the hot Summer months. They also help protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage, by keeping UV rays at bay. Additionally, they end up contributing to better insulation as a result of blocking out heat. 

Outdoor blinds also help make the most of a space that would otherwise go to waste. You can create a beautiful outdoor area to relax in with the help of these simple coverings. No matter the weather, you get to enjoy more of your home by crafting a whole new room. For this reason, they are highly popular and favoured amongst many. 

Choose custom-made outdoor blinds to suit your unique needs as opposed to outdoor blinds from Bunnings. You will thank yourself later! Enlist the help of a professional who can assess your space and give you expert recommendations. This will help ensure a solution that will last you for years to come. It is actually a wonderful investment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits with loved ones. 


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