Tips To Minimalist Interior Design 

Minimalist interior is all about creating a calm, uncluttered space that feels open and clean and is free of unnecessary items. By sticking to some key principles listed by luxury interior designer cheshire, it is possible to create a stylish and modern minimalist interior. Here are some tips to help get you started:

Neutral Colour Palette

One key principle of minimal interior design is using a limited number of colours. Choosing a neutral colour palette, such as whites, beiges, greys, can create a calming and timeless look. If you want to add pops of colour, consider doing so through accent pieces rather than painting the walls. This will create a cohesive and balanced finish. 

Add Timeless Pieces

It’s worth investing in a few well-made furniture pieces, rather than filling your space with low cost or trendy furniture. High quality pieces will not only create a sense of sophistication, but they will also remain relevant and stylish for years to come. Interior designer chester recommends choosing versatile pieces that can be used in different ways, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles.


Less is more, especially when it comes to minimalist interior design. Have a good clear out and get rid of anything that isn’t necessary or meaningful. This will help create a calmness and make it easier to clean and maintain the space. When it comes to storage spaces, choose clever solutions that will blend in with the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Use Negative Space 

You can create a sense of openness and space when you introduce negative space or empty spaces in your interior design. This can be achieved through using large windows, open floor plans, and minimal furnishings. Surround key pieces in the room with space, allowing it to become the focal point. 

Natural Materials 

Using natural materials such as wood, stone and wool can add texture and warmth to a minimalist interior. These materials can add a sense of timeless prestige while bringing the outside in. 

Simple Lighting 

Lighting is an important element of a minimalist interior. Use a limited number of lighting sources and choose simple, classic designs. Avoid clutter and steer clear from complicated lighting fixtures. Use dimmers to create a range of lighting options which can create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 


House plants have become extremely popular in the last few years. Adding plants can bring some life and greenery into space. Plants can eleven a dead space while introducing the outdoors into the interior. House plants have proven to have a number of positive effects on mental and physical health. 

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key to minimalist design. Avoid overcomplicating the space and stick to a simple design. By following the tips, we can have listed, you can create a calm and uncluttered space that is both fresh and functional. 

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