Four Things Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

Those who own rental properties always want high-quality tenants that pay their rent dependably. Meanwhile, renters are looking for clean, updated, and well-maintained property that provides the features they desire. Thousand Oaks, CA property management involves keeping properties in prime condition to make them marketable and attractive to prospects. If you are a property owner, you can depend on property management in Charlotte NC to rent out your property.. A good property manager knows exactly what tenants are looking for in a rental property, including the following:


Often, tenants look for a property near their workplaces, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and open spaces like parks. In general, people want to stay in a place that suits their lifestyle. They want a location that is secure and safe. The most desirable location has a low crime rate because people don’t want to be mugged or worrying about the possibility of their car being broken into. 


Once a person finds a suitable location, they may have a budget in mind and base their research on what they can afford. People will want to get the most for their money and look for a property that fits their needs. For you, this means setting your rent price at a competitive rate. Think about how your property’s features stack up against others in the immediate area or on the same street. 

Attractive Features

Tenants usually look for certain features in a rental property and base their decisions on them. These include a well-designed kitchen and bath, stainless steel appliances, lots of storage space, a clean and comfortable interior, a parking space, and more. Investing in these features will increase the chance of getting happy tenants. 


No one wants to drive around for hours searching for a parking space, particularly when they have a lot of stuff to unload from their vehicles. Properties in a suburban area may have lots of parking available on the street. But, parking may be an important consideration for those in an urban environment. Property owners who cannot provide off-street parking must try to direct their tenants to a parking garage within a few blocks of their property.  

How to Make a Memorable Engagement Announcement

Creating more prominent proposals and documenting them for future reference has made engagement announcements more creative. You would be looking for the best announcements that could capture the moment, and it is worth noting the importance of a professional photographer. You could choose the best pose, color combination, and photograph ideas that could make the announcement incredible.

Taking a Good Engagement Photo

·       Choose traditional poses

A traditional engagement pose would show the couple walking, sitting, or engaging in a playful activity. The shoots could be made of a series of images of full body or half body shots when the couples look at their cameras. Although the photos might not show the couple’s personalities, they could document the engagement well, and it could be a keepsake for putting on the fridge or photo book.

·       Reflective engagement photo

The reflective engagement photos are not posed, and they could show real emotions and your love story. You could capture the love story beautifully if they are not planning to give the best story. You could sprinkle the reflective pictures and the posed ones into your engagement photo book. They could be photos taken on a sunny day, on the beach, on the back of your balcony, and the reflective pose ideas could be endless.

·       The embracing pose

Your love does not have to be captured with a kiss, but you could choose to go for an embrace-pose. An embrace would be a gesture of love for your engagement announcement, but don’t make your engagement session dull with only static poses. Adding spontaneous hugs and a fun-loving personality into your engagement photos could give you memories that you could relive for the rest of your life.

·       Show details

Weddings should be about details, and so should your engagement announcement; you could have a sparkly engagement ring in the picture. You would not have to be afraid to show your personality through the engagement photos; you could capture the picture showing both of you holding hands and with cute love notes in the margins.

You Should Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Comfortable

Even if you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of couple, it might be time to pull out a lovely dress. However, the clothes should be comfortable, and they should make you feel beautiful. It could help if you wore clothes that you had previously worn for a better fit.  You should aim at looking beautiful, comfortable, and less awkward.

The Clothes Should Complement

Although your clothes should complement, you do not have to match them; patterned prints might not be ideal for portraits. It could be better to have the clothes in solid prints and complementary colors. You could avoid busy patterns and colors that could create distractions in the photo.

Opt for Classic Trends

You could choose classic looks that would be timeless, and they could look good for many years. On the other hand, trendy clothes might feel outdated after some time and you might look at the pictures with a cringe.

The Bottom Line

Engagement photos and announcements should have a personal touch and be used to make photo books that you could relive for the rest of your life. It could be better to choose poses that show your love and commitment to each other. Engagement photos should have color combinations that work well for your engagement announcements.