How to Pick Your Bathroom Flooring

Tiles, linoleum and stone are three popular types of flooring that can be used in a bathroom. Which one is the best? Well, it depends on your personal taste and what you need from your flooring. Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of flooring to go with:

-Tile: Tiles come in many shapes and sizes, but they do have drawbacks as well. They take up more space than other materials (linoleum or stone), so if you want a lot of storage options then tile may not be for you. You also have to install them yourself at the risk of mistakes being made – trust me, I’ve seen plenty! However, tiles offer an easy cleaning process and a durable surface that is resistant to moisture.

-LVP: Linoleum comes in many textures and colors, it’s often installed over concrete for an extra layer of insulation and can be glued down so you don’t need any tools or hardware installation. It also offers easy care by just wiping off the dirt with a wet cloth – no harsh chemicals needed! However, linoleum may not stand up as well against wear and tear than tile will because when it gets damaged, repairing it can sometimes mean tearing out the whole floor and replacing it (which requires more planning) instead of being able to just replace individual tiles like on hardwood floors.

-Stone: Stone has been used for centuries due to its beauty – granite is the most popular stone flooring because it offers a wide range of colors and textures. Stone is also resistant to moisture, but can be more expensive than the other options. It’s not as easy to care for as LVP or tile – you’ll need an oil-based sealant applied regularly in order for your bathroom walls to hold up against water damage from soap spills or kids splashing around in bathtubs…

When thinking through the overall look of your bathroom, you have to choose between a contemporary design or a classical design.  If your bathroom is small then you may want to go with tile because it’s a space saver. If your bathroom has the potential for being large, then LVP or stone would be ideal because of their durability and beauty. If you are an interior designer, you may have strong opinions on color choices! Blues are a very popular bathroom color, but you  could also go with greens, reds and yellows.

Now, let’s talk color and design.  You can look at bathroom color and design ideas in magazines, on the internet or even take a walk around your neighborhood to see what colors you like. When it comes down to deciding which type of bathroom tile for example, you may have already fallen in love with one particular style and texture that will help guide your decision about how to decorate the rest. A victorianbathroom  may have a bathroom with light blues and dark browns, while an industrial bathroom may be more of a gray color.

There are many considerations for bathroom design that will depend on your personal taste, but the best advice is to make sure you know what type of style you want before starting your project so there won’t be any surprises at the end! If you need help deciding which colors or textures work well together in your bathroom then contact one of our experts by clicking here now…

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This blog post is about helping a customer decide what kind of colors and theme to design their bathroom! I will be talking about things like tile, LVP or stone so you can help choose what type of flooring for your bathroom. There are many considerations that depend on personal taste when designing bathrooms but it’s important to know which style you want before starting renovating so there won’t be any surprises in the end! If you need advice for choosing textures and color schemes then please contact me!

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