Tips for Living on a Renovation Site

Planning to undertake a home renovation project can seem like an extremely riveting and appealing time, and although you have probably researched all the stressful factors such as the financial aspect and the duration of time it will take for your home project to be completed, you will more than likely tend to focus on the notion that in ‘x’ amount of time, your home project will be completed. However, one thing that you may account for is the amount of time you will be living on a renovation site. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips to take into consideration if you are inevitably going to end up living on a renovation site.

Planning is Key:

If you’re living on a building site, then you will be able to continuously monitor the progress of your building project, However, in saying that- you will inevitably become the project manager. Therefore, unless you hire a professional, it will be up to you to manage the progress of the building work- which means you will become responsible for timetables, payments and plans.

Beware of the Dust:

Throughout the destruction phase of the house, where builders are knocking everything down in order to make room for the new building work- the dust is going to get everything. You may try and keep on top of things and clean around the builders, but it’s best if you just let the building take its course and deal with it later. A top top is to put down a few layers of protective sheets on the floor to try and catch the dust.

Get Used to Waking Up Early:

When you have ongoing building renovations, you will definitely need to get used to the fact that lie ins are a thing of the past. Building projects tend to start early in the morning, so that workers can go home before it gets dark- especially in the UK. Because of this, expect work to begin quite early, around 8am. 

Patience Is Everything: 

Just like with any project, patience is key. Living on an ongoing building site- which will inevitably get on your nerves especially if you live with a partner, children and pets. Although there will be downtime throughout the renovation, it’s important to have patience and remain calm and collected throughout the process. 

Get to Grips with Health and Safety:

When your home is under construction, everything will immediately become a hazard. If you live at home with your children, this will become even more of an issue as everything will be a danger to them. It’s important to make sure that you encourage your children to wear protective gear in the house, and restrict access to the areas that are dangerous.

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