Different types of home drain pipes?

You might be wondering, “What is the best type of drain piping,” if a drain has stopped working. Where you should insert the new line will determine the response to that question. This is due to the fact that drain pipes come in numerous unique varieties. Therefore, if you’re wondering, “What types of drain pipes are in my home?” you’re probably going to find one or more of these six categories.

Drain pipes with corrugations

pipes for drains, corrugated

Corrugated pipes are typically used for outdoor drains instead of interior ones. The materials used to create corrugated drain pipes include metal, plastic, and other substances. You should also be aware of the following information about them:

You can select the ideal line for your outdoor drain thanks to the wide range of sizes available for corrugated drainage pipes.

It is common practise to use corrugated outdoor drain pipes to stop water from collecting on driveways and walkways. Therefore, if you’re wondering what kind of drain piping is best for outdoor use, these products might have the answer.

If you purchase a metal corrugated pipe, it is best to choose a rust-resistant model so you can avoid having to pay for replacements in the future.

Drainage lines made of PVC

pvc drain pipes

The most typical sort of drain pipe used in residences is made of PVC, and they are also reasonably priced. ABS piping is comparable but less popular. As a result, a PVC drainage pipe is typically required when replacing a drain pipe. These pipes are best used in places that aren’t readily visible because they typically have a rather bland appearance.

Cast iron pipes 3

iron cast drain pipes

Cast iron pipes can rust, but by using rust prevention products, they can be protected. Overall, if these items are displayed in your home, they give it a fashionable, traditional, and classic appearance. This appeals to a lot of homeowners. Here are a few of the most crucial details you need to be aware of regarding them:

Most significant plumbing manufacturers offer cast iron pipes, and you can select from a variety of options for size and thickness.

Cast iron pipes are frequently painted, and virtually any colour can be used. However, wrought iron’s appearance is ideal for home owners who want to achieve a classic/antique look.

Fourth, Copper Pipes

copper pipes for drains

Compared to other materials that are often used to make drain pipes, copper pipes are somewhat more expensive. However, these lines have a high degree of heat resistance and are renowned for being quite robust. Copper pipes are used in the following locations:

Copper pipes should only be installed in locations where their outer walls will have room to grow.

A copper pipe might be a good option if the pipe will be surrounded by concrete.

Inside your home, copper pipes should always be used. This is because criminals often select copper as a target.

5. Pipes made of steel

galvanised drain pipes

Galvanized pipes have a long lifespan in mind. Molten zinc has been used to coat. Galvanized pipes are typically a little more expensive than other drain pipes because of the labor-intensive manufacturing process. But you can use these pipes pretty much anywhere in your house.

6. Drainage pipes made of clay or concrete

clay or concrete drain pipes

Consider concrete or clay outdoor drainage lines if you’re seeking for an alternative to traditional plastic corrugated pipes. Both open and closed pipes are available. They will resemble a gutter system if they are exposed. In this situation, you must always maintain the line clear of obstructions.

Do you need new construction piping or repairs for your current piping? You are at the correct spot, so don’t worry. For all of your plumbing and heating requirements, get in touch with our local plumber from Purified Plumbing.


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